8K Offer Up Some Very High Pixel Counts. But What Else?

Sony XBR98Z9G 85-Inch 8K HDR Smart LED TV (2019 Model)

8K Is Cool Sounding But It Is Not Ready Yet

If you are buying an 8K for simply the resolution. HALT! If you have a 4K TV you don’t need the extra resolution upgrade. The picture quality on the 8K sets are similar to the 4K sets if comparing only the resolution. But, there is a significant increase in other aspects. Features like an improved color system reduce color banding due to backlight features built into the displays on the 8K that don’t come included on the 4K screens. The problem that I see is cost. I would advise buyers of 8K TVs to wait until the price drops and they include certain feature from the 8K TVs to the 4K TV lineups because the features are not worth the massively upgraded price tag. You are actually paying double for a TV that does not improve picture quality significantly enough to warrant a purchase.

4K TVs are so affordable now that you can simply walk into a Walmart and pick one up on the same day. The picture quality is so good that unless you are a guy heavily into picture quality and TVs you will most likely never notice the difference unless both were compared side by side. This makes the heavy investment into 8K now a complete waste of money. No offense to the TV industry but they might as well make more money including a set of speakers into current 4K TVs that rival movie theater systems. It makes more sense to do that than to have the customer spend double for the same thing with minor picture quality improvements. Most content will look the same as 4K TVs and you save money buying 4K instead of 8K.

8K Needs A Lower Price And More Features

Although, if you make movies yourself or if you do video editing for companies you may want to buy the 8K TV for the studio quality that are offered on these TVs that are not included on 4K sets. 8K TVs are obviously nearly perfect in their display and allow studios to fine tune their videos and images on these displays very well. So, for this purpose these TVs should see wide use. But, for the consumer industry I would bet it will take a while for them to fully catch on because unlike 4K TVs these would need extra upgrades besides resolution to market itself to a public that is becoming less likely to notice picture quality changes. Now, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between Great TVs of different resolutions because all TVs are increasing their color depth and contrast ratios. And, to be honest, contrast ratio and color are the statistics that are more likely to change a buyers mind when they are looking for a new TV. Everyone always starts out looking at resolutions and then ends up buying the TV that simply looks better than the other one. That choice is almost always due to contrast ratio and color quality.


So, if you want to jump into 8K right out of the box I would wait unless you are a professional who can make use of the service. I would say once the big TV companies start rolling out upgrades to their TVs that give consumers more options and actually increase things in a big way then start buying into 8K. Because right now it’s too early to adopt unless you are into being the first one into everything new in tech.

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