If you look around you can already see the wave of the future. It’s AI. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere from your toaster and refrigerator to your phone and your TV. It is so prevalent that you know it by name. Alexa, Siri, Cortana, “Hey Google” and there are more that you most likely have never even heard of. But, there is also AI powering other areas of the internet besides what you can see.

Did you know that AI actually resides on Netflix to recommend your TV and Movies to you. That’s right, every time you log into Netflix and watch a show, an artificial intelligence is searching and logging all your likes and dislikes, your most watches and fastest quit episode, tallying up all the results and learning your watch patterns in order to bring to you the shows it thinks you will like most.

So, did it work? Results are varied, but it is undeniable that recommender systems are an increasingly popular way of web developers to earn lots of money. Honestly, there is a big money market in making recommender systems. LOL! I say honestly because I know there is a lot of people reading this that will say, “What?! You’ve gotta be kidding me? Money in a recommending app? Haha!”

But, it’s true! Recommender systems are used everywhere. They are so common that you won’t think of the places. Amazon shopping uses them as well as almost all mainstream enterprise-level shopping sites. App suggestions and food recommendations all use them. Very common tool. So common that it’s hard not to make money on them.

But, recommender systems are only one way to use them! There is data analysis applications, email filtering and data validation, facial recognition and social network applications and the list goes on for a long while.

Facebook uses them to automatically match friends faces with their profiles for you so you don’t have to, email filtering watches for spam mail and automatically places possible spam email into the spam folder.

There is AI in voice-to-text on smartphones and, as said previously, personal assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana. You can find AI in the most remote of places. We can look and stare right at them and not notice. Eventually they will be so prevalent that even the wall could use it to regulate the power of the house.

Daniel Serrano

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