A Fully Featured Web Development Suite

Amazon Web Services is a the next big thing. I don’t mean the thing that will be forgotten about in a few months or replaced with another big thing. I mean THE big thing. This is the future of web development right here. Amazon Web Services provides tools for everything. Not only can you host a website quickly and easily with its Amazon S3 Simple Storage tools, but you have a fully featured suite of services provided that is geared to professionals. Do not attempt to use Amazon Web Services as a novice because the tools are far too advanced for regular use. Anyone who isn’t heavily into technology or learning new things should veer their heads in the other direction. But, from a business perspective everyone will want an Amazon Web Service in the near future.

S3 Simple Storage Tools | I am hosting a site using my files in a “bucket”

The reason being how much is at your fingertips. Amazon Web Services has a tool for everything all under one roof. From Web Design and Development to Artificial Intelligence and Servers, everything is included. There is very little that the service does not allow me to do. Amazon Web Services provides companies that are looking for a solution a one-stop shop where everything is under one roof and managed by a single company or contractor. The benefit of Amazon Web Services is how simple and easy it would make it for the customers who would contact us, the contractor for a job. We would have everything at our fingertips to quickly provide an estimate and return the product without shopping around because of how everything is built into this aws.com website.

The files in the bucket I am using to host my website after assigning the bucket to my domain purchased through AWS

This will make Amazon Web Services famous and the most popular web tool very quickly. Already AWS is getting a lot of attention from companies looking to broaden their technical knowledge. Currently, I am working with MediaNow and getting into the field for web development purposes. We have our own plans and can’t talk about it for business reasons but AWS is where it’s at. We will be attending conferences and I already have hosted a site using the AWS platform and it’s a great and quick way to get a site online. It only took me 3 hours to learn how to upload a static AWS site using Amazon S3 Simple Storage tools. I learned how useful and efficient it is. I love how once you learn it the process can be duplicated quickly and easily. Once you understand how to implement the product it’s a quick and painless method every single time.

Amazon Web Services is the next big thing. No doubt about it…

Daniel Serrano

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