MediaNow at Westpoint Military Academy in NY

MediaNow, a company that has been around for a very long time, is now supporting a service I love! These guys know their stuff and love what they do. The owner, Marty Pisano is a genius who knows exactly what he wants. He is not ashamed to tell it like it is and is a respected member of his community.

There is not a lot of bad things to say about MediaNow because their quality of work sets a high bar. I have worked for them as a contractor for the last 2 weeks and they do quality work. Some of the best guys work there.

Cos, a genius tech in charge of the office. Arthur, another genius hands on tech in charge of the installs at the customer locations. And they have developers, too! Arek and Jeff are developers that set a high bar for the company.

These guys all specialize in Digital Signage which are specific programming languages you find in different locations. TVs are Digital Signage as well as big screens at sporting events (Mets) and the billboard screens you see on the highway.

They also are GSA contractors for the government. I did many jobs for Picatinny Arsenal and visited Westpoint to install some white boards. We did a really great job and I had a lot of fun! GSA (Government Services Administration) is a certification that businesses undergo to work as a government contractor. Some government jobs require a certification like the GSA in order to obtain work. This is because the government requires a certification to assure that businesses are not fake and know what they’re doing. The fact that MediaNow is a GSA company is a great sign that you can trust them. Not everybody is a GSA company and that itself is a high bar. I am happy to work for them and it makes me look good, too!

These guys also deal in robots! Seriously, actual robots with artificial intelligence in them. They are used as tools for the government and MediaNow has plans to use them with AI in order to protect the American population. This is a great way to defend the people if we can train AI to simply detect the problem and program them to not engage but to dispatch the proper forces to the exact location of the crime.

In short, trust MediaNow! These guys know what they’re doing!

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