Artificial Intelligence is becoming commonplace to the point where we don’t realize it anymore. Similar to the smartphone, people will eventually forget how much of a breakthrough it was while they look for the next big thing. But, how can we make the most of AI?

Amazon Web Services provides already configured AI base packages that can be taught and trained to learn and adapt to new situations. So, why not use these prepackaged software and re purpose them? We could use those AI programs to automatically learn how to write convincing articles for a company. Or, we can train the AI to detect patterns and use that for data analysis. Maybe, we need to understand statistics, AIs can learn how to interpret large amounts of data better than people and give us results in record time.

There are many uses for AI that have not even been discovered yet. We are still scratching the surface for the potential for artificial intelligence. Luckily, AWS brings these services in a low-cost way. Pay for only what you need and are using at the moment to allow businesses of all sizes to get in on this AI revolution.

AI solutions such as AWS SageMaker utilize the power of the cloud to allow developers to take advantage of AI at scale. So, whether a small, medium or big business, the power of AI is truly at your fingertips when using AWS.

The true power of the cloud is having all of your tools in one place. SageMaker allows the AI to learn without any downtime because the cloud is always on, 24/7. This makes AWS a great platform for AI because without downtime, the AI learns much faster. Think of how much time is wasted if you have to go home without training your AI. This way, you can have AWS always on and train your AI 24/7, even while you’re asleep. Training happens much faster and you only pay for what you are currently using because of AWS and it’s “scalable” and “flexible” payment that only charges you for literally exactly what data you are currently using at the exact moment in time.

There are big negatives, however. Having a physical storage space would provide greater security. I do not like being forced to trust Amazon with my data. I don’t trust anybody with my information and Amazon is big business so no matter how friendly they are, they are still going to sell my information to 3rd parties no matter what they say. The biggest problem I see with a fully cloud AI model is hackers. If hackers gain access to the AI the amount of stolen data would be very expansive.

The AI is literally fed information to train it. If hackers gain access to the AI, those illegal entities would obtain all that information that was a secret and not privy to them. Including, passwords, user accounts, company secrets, projects and anything that the AI was given to learn. This is a very big security vulnerability if not given proper credence. But, it’s the cloud, so that is obviously understood by anyone attempting to leave the physical space to entertain the idea of the virtual cloud networking space. It is something I am looking into despite the security risks because of how much potential benefits lie in wait.

Besides, security flaws can be fixed by those hired to do those jobs. I myself have great IT skills and understand security and how it relates to networking. I could provide suitable security to customers myself and understand how to provide the customer with a reliable service that is secure. As long as the expert who is working with AWS knows what they’re doing, security shouldn’t be much of a problem. I do see a potential issue if they do not, however. Yet, I remain very optimistic for a future with AWS.

I have been diving into AWS recently and am highly impressed with the features. I strongly recommend AWS for business applications.

Daniel Serrano

I'm a hard working, fun loving and cool guy who's heavily into my job and it's related fields. I love creating great sites and designs and pleasing customers and life is always changing. I find the best way to keep up to the speed of life and its changes is to always have many plans for the future, and if you get knocked down, no worries, hard work can lead to miracles... Never Give Up!