The TV was on and SpongeBob was playing on the screen. I loved that show, there were so many good shows on Nickel Network, a kid’s TV channel, in the 1990s and early 2000s that it’s just funny how bad it’s gotten

I remember watching The Angry Beavers with their ridiculous stupidity and Hey Arnold in the late 90s

In the early 2000s there was shows like Rocket Power and SpongeBob, both very popular shows and very loved by kids

But SpongeBob was the king of cartoons at the time. Everybody watched it. They even made Chinese versions of the Likable Loser and it grew in popularity that SpongeBob became a big hit in what seemed like overnight

It cured my biggest problem as a child… Boredom

I would go to school and be bored, come home and be bored and go to sleep and be bored. I was so bored, even in my sleep I was “Soooo bored…” I had dreams where I literally said,” This is boring!” This is a true story! Nonfiction

I didn’t know how to fix it at first so I kept trying methods. I played airsoft guns with my friends and tried to go to dances but I finally figured out the problem…

I had a condition called “Chronic Borediolus”…

So the best way to cute boredom was by laughing. I found comedy cured me of my boredom while watching SpongeBob so I decided to change my life for the better by figuring out how to cure myself of most major Chronic Borediolus issues by either finding something to do or come up with something. Especially something funny. That would do it. So what I did was I used my sense of humor.

I became funny at school…

Then I used my sense of humor to make everybody laugh. The problem was that it didn’t always work so I tried to find out why

Why??? It’s supposed to be working, I thought…

So what I did was I lied. The problem was I wasn’t very funny. At first the lies I came up with people could see was a joke, after a while I became so good at it it was automatic

Then people stopped laughing and I couldn’t tell why. I would try to say something funny but people would always look at me and then walk away, like I did something stupid

Then I asked them, did I do something wrong? Phil said, “Dude, you’re lying. You can’t possibly have done that. If you fell down a hill as steep as a skyscraper you’d be dead.”

“How do you know I wasn’t wearing kneepads?” I responded. He just gave me this look, a straight face and I was looking for that grin. It felt like 10 years sitting there…

And he walks away… Nothing, not even a smirk

Unbelievable… I thought, he didn’t even smirk. How! That was hilarious!

Even today I’m still trying to make people laugh when I’m bored… This post has absolutely nothing to do with that, I swear to God!

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