The light was shining into the office in an expensive Australian apartment. It was so bright the neighbors next door were startled as the light crept toward their faces and blinded them even while their eyes were closed. The man was shouting about having the best dream he ever had while the woman was just mumbling. Cendy could hear them. Reading her book in her expensive Australian apartment as she wanted to spend more time here. But, she was always so busy she rarely got time to just relax and be by herself. 

But, here she was, reading a book. Finally… I can read my awesome book “Blockchain | The Benefits of Cryptocurrency and Investments”. A book that is highly reviewed and widely claimed a great read by all of her friends. Although, most people don’t like it so much and think it’s views are too pro-crypto but Cendy was one of the most cryptocurrency supportive girls in her community so she decided to read it anyway. Besides, why not? It’s a great book! She was loving it, who cares what other people think anyway. I’m going to be right! 

She was just diving back into her book after losing her focus when, “BEEP!” Startled, she swayed back and forth while looking for her phone. She found it! Then, she fell over… And hit her face square on her carpet and ate lint. “Damn floor…!” She found her phone was set to its loudest setting. Her husband had told her to lower the volume because it was so loud he nearly caused a head-on collision on the highway. That thing has a great speaker on it, but even Cendy knows it is a serious danger. So, she turned down the volume and checked her messages. 

It was her boss. 

“Hi, Good morning, Jim.”

“Hey, Cendy!”, he replied. “I was wondering if you could help me invest some money. I don’t know how to start working with Blockchain and bitcoin. So, can you help teach me how it goes? I’ll pay you for your time. I heard you were looking to get your kids into daycare? This would help out a lot.”

“OK, sounds like a great idea! I would do it for free, you’re a friend of mine. You don’t need to pay for anything, Jim.”

“I’m honored to pay the most beautiful and wonderful Cendy for her efforts.”

“Haha! Ok, ok. I’m married so stop flirting with me. I can’t help you out like that, I already told you.”

“Yeah, well, this will definitely make you feel better. So, let’s start at around 2 tomorrow.”

“Good idea, my kids are at school. They won’t be distracting or anything. Yeah, great time! TTYL!”

Jim hung up. Cendy knew what he was trying to do. He wanted to get her pants off. But, there was no way she’d betray her husband at all. So, she wasn’t worried about it. Another thing most people don’t know; she’s a military veteran. Worked with the Australian Special Forces to combat terrorism in the region. Ha! Nobody would ever believe it! So not her style.

At work, all she could think about was reading her book and coming home to see her kids and Jack, who she’s been married to for 2 years since the last incident she was in. Last time, she had to fight her way out of a hostage situation. Now, she’s very happy. If anything happened, she knew she would be able to deal with it. Just in case, she brought her pepper spray with her. You never know, especially people from her background. There is always an enemy around the corner, usually it’s some old friend… 


Cendy opened her eyes slowly and saw a big face staring back at her.


“What the HELL!”, she exclaimed furiously. “You don’t do that! I’m sleeping you turd!”

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s fine,”Cendy responded. “No harm done. Just be careful next time.” Cendy has seen weirder stuff. This isn’t the first time some crazy moron did something stupid. But, it was weird enough for her to snear her pepper spray from her drawer without him noticing. Black Ops skills still on display. “Sharp as ever…” She thought with a grin. 

“So, let’s start.” Cendy wanted to get this weirdo out of the house, fast. She didn’t think he was this weird. He even drools a little. She never noticed that before, but every time he’s in deep thought he literally drools from the right corner of his mouth. GROSS! 

“So, we done?”

“Yep! Thanks! Bunches!”

“Sure, whatever. Where’s my $300?” Cendy was not doing this again. She didn’t want to have anything to do with this weirdo anymore. At first, she struck up a friendship and he seemed like an alright guy, but get to know him… he’s SO WEIRD!

“Thanks! Take care!” She shut the door and rolled her fingers round $320 for doing nothing other than showing him how to use an applications. Damn, he’s weird, but he’s loaded. After seeing the money roll in her fingers, she thought maybe she should teach him some more things. But she decided it was better to just leave things as they were before it got really weird.

Two weeks passed and her kids were going to daycare. The money the guy gave her allowed her to pay for a week of it, but she needs them to be in Daycare permanently until they reach 1st grade age. That’s going to take a lot more money. Tempted to call the guy, she refused and decides to ask her husband. She reached for her phone when she was actually receiving a call from him. 

“Hey, Jack! What’s going on? You usually are working right now. I was just about to call you.”

“We have a serious problem.”

“What???” She was nervous. What happened??? “Did we lose a lot of money in Ethereum?”

“Someone’s bugged our house!”


Cendy was about to ask what he’s talking about when she received a video, a live feed, of her children in her house streamed live over the internet. There was even live videos of them butt-naked.

“No WAYYY!” She was scared! It must be one of her old friends again. They have to be trying to ruin her. But, when she traced the IP address, it was sloppily set up and originated from one of the houses in the nearby lot on the other side of town.

Curious, she did a reference to find the house number and location. She discovered the house belonged to her old friend… that she was working for a few weeks ago…

How does she explain this to her husband?


“What?!!” Jack exclaimed. “They could see our kids. It’s perverted. They could see our credit cards and bank information. They could see us having sex!”

“I know…”

“So… wait a minute. I know that look…” He turned on the Google Hangouts video chat and gave her a strong look that lasted for a good long minute. He gave her that Daddy look. He knew exactly what the hell she was thinking. GUILT.

“What did you do?”


Cendy was prepared to get hit in the face with a bat. But, instead, he laughed.

“Hahaha! How is this your fault. I thought you did something wrong.”

Cendy had a suprised look on her face straight from an anime movie. Question marks could’ve been littered all over here face.

“Nah. Let’s just find this guy and set him straight. We gotta sue his ass.”


Cendy and Jack both travelled together to find their new arch nemesis and set him straight. But, before that, they first gathered all of the cameras from the house and did a thorough job of using their previous special forces experience to scavange the whole area and make certain that nothing else was left. They contracted some even older friends they worked with during the GOOD OLD DAYS where combat was a regular occurence. They usually met every year for a reunion. There was always a few new deaths in the military family every year because some people still were combat professionals despite them having families. Some had to keep them secret. That was always depressing. But, they are very useful in times like these.

Cendy stared long and hard at her husband. Cendy was wondering how this could not be her fault. She let the guy in, it was her fault. Obviously.

“How are you not mad?”

“How is this your fault?”

“Hahaha! I brought the guy in, this is all my fault.”

“Honestly, Cendy. Nobody would have had any idea this would’ve happened. This is very much NOT your fault.”

“Shut up, Dammit! It’s annoying. If I felt it was your fault, you’d know it.”

Asshole, she thought. But, she was happy that he didn’t think it was her fault. Jack had a funny way of showing he cared. Sometimes it was really hard. Too hard for her, but she appreciated it anyway.



“We’re here. Let’s find him. Bring out the documents.”

Cendy took her bag from the back and brought her legal documents with her. She was going to seriously sue his ass to Hell. She was so happy when she heard something she did not expect. A gunshot…

“Shit! Take cover, Jack!”

She pulled Jack out of the line of fire and took her pistol she always carried secretly in her shoe. Jack wasn’t fighting. Wondering why, Cendy moved to shake him and saw him cough up blood.


She cursed and tried to take out a couple but it would be suicide, there were too many. She would have to be smart about it.

“Here. Take this.” Jack went unconscious.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” She took his combat knife. What??? Combat knife. That’s it. We’re f***ed!

Fired was all over the place. As far as she could tell. The police were 30 minutes out. She had to either hold off for the police to intervene or try to kill them all herself before Jack bled to death. So, she chose the only option that makes any sense. The second option.

“I hope I don’t die. God save me, ughhhh…”

“F***! F***! F***!” She whispered to herself while taking down 3 guys with the pistol drawn. So far so good. Nervous as she was she still knew how to fire a gun. But, there was a guy with a missile launcher, so at this point it really was suicide. She found a place to hunker down and wait for the police. So, she took it.


She hid in the bunker that luckily has a nuclear missile silo. Wow, this guy’s nuts!

But, nuclear missile silos are great for preventing missiles from killing her so she dragged her husband through a fog cloud of missile explosions into the bunker and locked the door.

“Hahaha!” Cendy was hysterical. It wasn’t so much she got away but the soldiers screaming at each other for forgetting to lock the bunker door. Her old friend, Jim, she remembered, was screaming his mouth at the soldiers when she heard at least 20 different pops from light guns.

The police had shown up!


About time, thought Cendy! She thought death was certainly right around the corner, but the police actually were helpful for the first time in her military career. Thanks. She doesn’t blame them, they’re not military, they’re police officers. Not trained for this sort of thing. But, she’s happy they showed up this time around. Normally, she wouldn’t need their help. This time, however, she does. That is also a massive understatement.

“All clear!”

The police didn’t take a single hit. When the bunker was opened, there was over thirty dead. But, only of Jim’s crew. After Jack was brought to the hospital she learned he will make a full recovery and require no surgery. She was so happy to hear that. But, what was the most interesting thing was not how her husband would make a full recovery. Why? Because he’s a strong guy so she’s not surprised by that. It was the story of Jim and who he is.

“I don’t know. There is no history of a Jim Bowers at all in our system. His entire persona is a lie. Do you have any enemies?”

“Not that I know of…”

That was a straight up lie, of course. She had plenty of enemies. But, he doesn’t have the proper security clearance. Besides, he’d be putting himself in serious harms way apparently by investigating this. So, to protect this guy, she’d leave it to her friends from the old, old days.

Meanwhile, there was nothing she could do but to go back to her regular life. She’s a civilian now and has two kids. She doesn’t have time to find out who it is. She needs to focus on her current life, help Jack heal, and raise her kids. There is nobody else to help her. Her father is in a coma, and she’s by herself. So, she doesn’t have any other options.

Luckily, the next 3 months were in the clear and Jack made a full recovery. Nobody ever heard anything ever since. Cendy hopes it stays that way. But, with her background. You never know…

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