Sitting in my room I was contemplating life. I put together all of my memories in front of me captured in pictures and on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. The friends I grew up with are all grown up now and there are some sad memories and some great memories but all of which mean a lot to me.

My mother has just passed away and I was in a state of shock. Looking over the pictures of my past I was sad, lonely and broken by the loss of my mother while happy, hopeful and nostalgic about my friends and the good future she left behind for me.

My father’s name was Sam and he was not so optimistic, he was crying for two weeks straight it seemed. Happy in public, but in private he was a wreck. He quietly took breaks just to break down and told no one, but everyone knew. Some were afraid Sam was contemplating suicide but did nothing. They said it was because they didn’t know how to help but I couldn’t forgive them. They could’ve just sat with him and they didn’t have to say anything. Why is it so hard sometimes for people to give a damn. Cruelty should be illegal on Earth and yet it’s not and I have to watch him suffer the whole time while being unable to lend assistance while I’m working. People suck, I thought.

Then Dad sent me a message, “Hey Jack, I told you to visit your grandmother last weekend, she wants to hear about your new job and how it’s going. Can you make it today?”

“Yeah, Dad. I can go, I just have to get ready and get the car started. It’s freezing out. I’ll see her by 3:00 PM. How’s that, sorry BTW. I didn’t mean to keep her waiting. I’ll get right on that quick, she’s probably worried about about me, I haven’t spoken to her in a while.”

“it’s alright, you talk to her often, she’s probably fine.” I closed the call and texted my Grandmother I was coming.

“Great! See you.”

I couldn’t help thinking of Dad and the pain he was going through but I knew he’d be fine. Dad’s a strong guy. He was a mixed martial artist and taught me everything I know. I knew that he could handle it.

What I was more concerned about was whether it would put my work at risk. I tend to do poorly at work when I am either depressed or angry, so it wouldn’t help if I was in a bad mood at work because my performance would suffer. Even worse off, I would never notice because I discovered while I was young I never notice it and everyone else always asked me if something was wrong and I would always say yes even though I am thinking of something and I always wondered how they knew. They told me it was the expression on my face that said I was contemplating something. I didn’t know what they meant at the time but I found out I make a certain face every time I am either depressed or angry or contemplating something. The point is I would never notice whether I was putting my job at risk because I would never see it happening, I would always feel like I was making the right decision which is what was worrying me.

It was then that my worst fears were realized. My boss was glaring at me from 10 feet away talking to the store manager. I was scared out of my mind! I looked at my watch and started rushing to complete the project hoping that I wouldn’t drop anything. I found a Snapple case on the ground and lifted it so fast I almost dropped it and then my manager walked closer to me. With every step I contemplated his possible meaning for the glare. It was so strong I could only imagine what he had in store for me…

Pay deduction… Arghhh!



I was keeping my composure when he came really close to me and said, “I want to talk to you in the office…”

BOOM! Mic drop. He was gonna fire me, I thought.

So, he walked me all the way from the back of the store past every single main aisle, this must be really, really bad I thought. Damn! I am so screwed.

So, he calls me into the main office and sits down.

I am tense and don’t know what to expect, I hope he didn’t fire me at least.

“Jack, I just wanted to say we’re not happy with your job performance these latest few weeks.”


“Really?” I responded. “Why not? I’ve been trying really hard.”

“I just have to say that we’re more than happy and am surprised by how well you complete your tasks under intense stress from your mother passing away. I’m sorry to hear that.”

I was like, whaaat??? In my head, but instead said, “Cool…” with this really awkward look on my face. “Nice to hear, so… what happened, sir? You said you liked my work this last few weeks?”

“Yeah, we think you are somehow exceeding expectations despite the severity of your emotional stress. In fact, your section of your department sold 3 times the other apartments just this past week. I want to make you department manager.”

I was in utter shock! I couldn’t believe it, this whole time I’m like, Wow! I was worrying for what? I could’ve sworn I was slow the whole time, haha!

“I don’t know what to say,” Honestly I had no idea what to say, “I… thank you.”

He noticed my mouth was hanging a little and said, “It’s cool, man. I can see your work load must’ve been too much for you to notice how well you were doing. In fact I guess you couldn’t see that everybody else knew you were going to get this promotion and didn’t say anything to surprise you with…”

“SURPRISE, JACK! HAPPY PROMOTION!” I was so happy and smiling at the sight that I burst out crying about it. There was so many of my co-workers there I could only say thanks and because I had recently lost my mother I was seemingly the happiest person to forget about it for the rest of the night. I left for home after the party, screwed my girlfriend, and told Dad the story of what happened.

“Really?” The best part about the whole day was #1 – The Girlfriend, #2 – Dad forgot about Mom dying for the next two weeks and it healed him the whole way. It helped me heal, somehow God works in mysterious ways because my Mom came back from the grave to give me a girlfriend, a new promotion and kept my Dad alive.

Sometimes life can work in ways that you can never expect and in ways you can never imagine…

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