This is the illusion scene where Spider-man was stupid!

In recent history I have seen some horrible movies from the massively successful movie company. Namely, Marvel’s Infinity War was an atrocious attempt to reproduce Shakespeare’s tragedy with disastrous depressive effect.

Another was Spider-man Homecoming. Most people would disagree with me on this, but the movie lacked all sense of logic. He is supposedly the next Iron Man and he was not thinking! Why would Spider-man not attempt to outsmart his attacker! It is obvious his enemy is an illusionist so if he is intelligent at all he knows it’s his only strong point. Iron Man would use this to his advantage and would not have fallen directly into his trap.

An easy method would be to just know that it was an illusion and was harmless, then Spider-man would only need to stand as the entire world of illusion falls on top of him. He would have looked awesome but nothing would have affected him. He would have been entirely unharmed. This would have ultimately forced his illusionist enemy to be drawn out into physical confrontation. That confrontation was obviously what he was trying to avoid by using the illusion. Spider-man could take him out in one hit, he’s super strong!

Iron Man would’ve known this and yet Spider-man is an idiot! Horrible storytelling like this was pissing me off for the recent cycle of Marvel movies.

Star Lord was the biggest dumb***, not going into any more details on this subject because almost everybody knows how Star Lord completely ruined the success of the Avengers and turned Marvel’s The Avengers | Force of Unstoppable Good into Marvel’s The Avengers | Epic Losers of the Universe in literally one second.

But, Endgame brought the revival of The Avengers to winning status again. The end of Thanos seemed good to me and I forgave the stupidity of Star Lord from the first movie. But, I now think of Star Lord in a completely different way than before.

I noticed that Disney has made more mistakes than usual this few years. Although, that is disappointing, I do congratulate them on noticing these failures and attempting to fix them. It does a company justice when they attempt to right the wrongs of the past without consumer consent. That means that you can always rely on them, at least at the moment they are doing it, to always have the consumer and their quality of products at the forefront at all times.

So, although Disney is not perfect, other companies have a lot to learn from Disney because unlike companies who become arrogant and foolish when people praise their work (Nintendo & The Wii U), Disney seems to understand it’s human imperfections and strives to make themselves a better company. They acknowledge their failures more than the actual community it serves.

For Example:

Star Lord’s big mistake | Ughhhhh…

When Infinity War first released it was controversial. Some hated it and other loved it. Some gave it great reviews and some thought it was stupid. But, this is what really happened…

Infinity War release and people all saw Star Lord destroy the one and only chance to win against Thanos. Disney fans “knew” their favorite company was planning something. It’s impossible Star Lord would be so stupid without Disney coming up with a 2nd movie to replace it. Disney knows what they’re doing.

My point and everyone else’s point on the other side… They always have another movie to replace it. LOL! I know they screwed up because Disney always attempts to have a 2nd movie to follow the 1st. Even though this was always to be a part of a 2 movie series, it was a disastrous ending that could’ve been handled much better.

So, although the ending of Endgame was a great release of the first part (Infinity War), I can’t say that it was so great that Infinity War still does not leave a bad taste in my mouth. Because if it didn’t I wouldn’t be writing about this. That means, Disney failed to deliver to some people on the efficacy of a movie that ended in that manner.

So, Infinity War sucks… put simply.

But, the fact that they saved it with Endgame means a lot because now we can continue on with other Marvel movies without thinking about it so much. Same thing for Spider-man Homecoming. I actually like they cancelled it.

Why? Because if you allow companies to get away with releasing underwhelming content they will just keep doing it.

For example:

EA and its game lineups. Consumers allowed the use of micro-transactions and EA went crazy with them in their games. So much so that in Europe they have banned them entirely. This makes EA the enemy of the people and that’s ironic because at one time they were one of the best companies to buy games from.

EA pioneered the early days of Need for Speed which released some of the best racing games of the era. Sports games were their best in the old days and many games released by EA you just don’t see anymore because the studio decided it would not make them enough money. So, they scrapped high quality and replaced it with garbage.

The point is, I like that Disney is doing this salvation job by itself and not letting the consumer handle it. That’s the way to be successful. To always make sure you are the #1 on the top and never have anyone else have to remind you.

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