Kara was sitting watching her favorite show on her living room TV. She knew that most people in her grade thought she was stupid for watching such a dumb show but Kara didn’t care, she was going to watch it anyway. Just because everyone at school didn’t like Jojo’s Circus doesn’t mean she couldn’t and she doesn’t like to follow everyone else. Kara is a leader and she wants to be the CEO of a fashion corporation when she gets really old.

Brian, her father was talking with her mother Sarah about what they were going to do for dinner. The only thing Kara cares about is that it tastes good and doesn’t leave weird things in her teeth. Brian and Sarah are having issues over whether they want to go out to eat or not. Kara’s brother is playing video games.

“Hey, Sam?” asked Kara, “You play too many video games. When are you going to go outside? You’re older than me, take me to the park or something. I’m bored.”

“Not now, Kara” Sam replied, “I’m busy trying to beat my top score.” He turned to her with this grin on his face meaning business, “I’m gonna share it with the world. They’re all gonna know when I destroy that piece of shit who broke my game controller. Remember what happened last week?”

“Yeah, I remember…” Kara said, although she didn’t really care about it, she just waddled her arms from side to side listening to him and not really paying attention.

“Well, I’m going to…” Sam went into great detail explaining exactly how and why he was going to destroy everything and everyone allied with this one kid called Tommy from his High School. Sarah could care less, video games were boring. She wanted create something.

So, while Sam went into great detail explaining his master plan, Kara went into the corner to build a new skirt for her doll and she was going to take a picture of it with her new phone she got for her birthday and share it with all her friends in Kindergarten.

Kara was too young to notice Sam getting into a physical altercation with his High School friends and how he was turning into a bad seed. Kara was too young to notice how her parents were going to send him to a military school because of his inability to follow the rules and break laws.

Kara loved her brother like anyone does. Why should she have any negative opinions of someone she grew up with, Sam was never bad to her. She always looked the other way.

She still looked the other way when Sam verbally confronted the gamers online with threats only because he lost a couple times during Fortnite. This had happened before, so regularly in fact she brushed it off and it meant nothing. Although even at her age what she saw terrified her, Sam goes crazy when he’s angry.

She also noticed how her parents were somewhat scared to talk to him and once even noticed Sam pick up a knife and threatened to “use it”. Although she had no idea what he meant by that. What could that mean, is he going to cut an orange for them? She was thinking along the lines of food because she was hungry at the time.

That was when she first was told to go upstairs and there was loud sounds and banging and she got scared and started screaming worrying that someone might be hurt. She pounded on the door but no answer and then her father came dragging his son with a couple of blood scars on his arm and she didn’t know what to make of it. Maybe it was an accident, she thought.

Her brother never would hurt anyone, that’s impossible, he loves us.

Kara was busy playing with her doll when a rock crashed through the window nearly hitting her in the face. She screamed and looked outside for a second only to be grabbed by her father and taken into the other room. She heard the sounds of kids outside, seemingly teenagers taunting Sam and trying to get a fight started. She didn’t know why…

“Sam! What’s happening?” Yelled Kara worried her brother was in harms way. Even a Kindergartner could tell something was up now.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it, Kara” Screamed Sam, “I got this,”

Her father locked her in her room and ran out the door. Kara was anxious and ran to the window to see what was happening and turns out Sam was confronting 10 men with bats outside his house. His father ran outside with a shotgun and tried to defend him but Sam was hit 4 times with bats from at least 4 of them.

Kara was scared and she noticed her mother was crying in the bay window.

“SAMMY!” She screamed and ran outside trying to help, “But Brian pushed her back inside and shot a couple rounds off his shotgun and called the police. Sam was trying to get up and couldn’t because of his injuries.

The police soon showed up and took Sam to the hospital. Kara only noticed she was crying three hours later and the doctors said something about her being in shock. She had no idea what happened and when asked questions had no idea what to say.

Sam was in and out of consciousness for what seemed like forever until one day a miracle happened…

“You’re brother is going to make a full recovery.”

It had been two weeks that seemed like eternity for the Quan family. Everyone was relieved when they heard the news. Kara most of all although she didn’t say anything. She had the most faith in her brother than any one of them. She was the only one who truly believed and still does that there is hope for him.

Kara learned while eavesdropping that her brother got mixed up in drugs and gang violence and that his poor community of Carlsbad was where he sold drugs to passers by for easy money. She overheard how he was going to be sent to military school for his actions and how he might face crimes even though his injuries were severe. She never knew any of this and still she believes in him anyway

It has been 10 years since she saw her brother and she is now facing him in prison through a glass window. He has been in jail for 10 years and she doesn’t know what to say.

Then she sees him and she can’t help but crying…

“Hey Sam!” she says, “How’s your time here. Been good?”

“Yeah, they’re not so bad besides all the crazy evil people here and pedophiles and serial killers. Nah it’s great!”

“That’s the Sam I remember, Haha!” Kara said, it was bittersweet, but it was the Sam she remembers. Now she sees him differently.

“What’re you going to do when you get outta here.”

“Fix my life and right some wrongs… How’s the parents”

“They’re divorced.” Kara replied.

“Oh, I see…”

This was going very well, she thought to herself.

“I’ll see you later, I’ve gotta go…” Sam left in a rush without saying bye leaving Kara bewildered.

Kara left home and was confused as to what to make of her new brother. The scary part was he was exactly like she remembered him. Exactly the same.

Sam was in his cell and knew he was leaving in a couple of hours. He also knew that his Dad has sustained multiple injuries to his leg attempting to help him so long ago. 10 years exactly, he felt guilty and is writing a list of things to do to help make his life better when he leaves in the next few hours.

Those first few hours felt like 10 hours but he was out at last. He was outside in the real world again. So, what was the first thing on his list? The name was Tommy, he had to meet him…

“Tommy, I just wanted to say hi, it’s been a while. I’m out of prison, wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh hey, I’ve been looking to meet up, meet me by the train outside of our old school. Should be great to catch up.”

Sam was 3 hours early and had a knife in his pocket. He was ready to kill the bastards who broke up his family and was never going to tell them he did it. He kept the knife under his sleeve and hid it until ready to use it, just like the old times.

Tommy showed up in a nice car, one that a mobster would own, “Hey, Sam! It’s been a while.” Out popped three other guys with bats.

Tommy saw the knife right away but what Tommy didn’t know was that Sam had something in his other pocket. Tommy’s eyes widened with surprise as Sam pulled out an Uzi and pepper sprayed the area with gunfire killing everyone except Tommy. Tommy started running in the opposite direction before Sam hit him in the head with a baseball bat 10 times for each year.

Sam left the scene and left no trace behind…

The cops pulled up shortly after and knew Sam must have done it but could find no proof. Everybody knew but nobody talked; nobody wanted to be next in line to be dead.

Kara met up with Sam at the diner next to her apartment and they got along great. Their parents got back together and Sam never once broke the law again. People forgot about the old Sam and only care about the new Sam. Sam got married and had kids, so did Kara. Both were happy. Their parents were now the proud owners of two successful and happy families.

Sam was married to Clarise a woman he met in Paris who owned a car company. She had a vast wealth and Sam was lucky to marry her because she gave him full access to everything. They had 3 kids and 20 years later are still married.

Kara was married to Cam Lenard and he was a stock broker. Highly influential in the money field and gave Kara 20 years of happy marriage with 2 kids.

Their parents died of old age and were considered the nicest people in town.

Everybody only remembers Tommy as the bad guy…

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