4th Of July With A Big Red, White And Blue Supernova

4th Of July With Nice Booms

I love really awesome pictures! Especially when those pictures make me think about some really deep things. When I see this picture it makes me wonder what other unknowns are out there and it makes me eager to discover more of the universe I do not yet know. Think about how cool it would be to discover up close and personal how these things happen. Of course at a safe distance but I would be very happy to find out how beautiful it looks in person as long as I do not lose my eyesight or go blind.

I find pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope very thought provoking. We live in such a massive universe and only exist in such a small portion. I always end up wondering what else is out there I have not yet seen when I see these amazing pictures of cosmic events. I think about the world and wonder if we really are the only forms of life in the universe. I think about how that can be possible when there is so much we have not yet discovered. To rule out that there could be other forms of life seems incredibly idiotic to me considering we have not yet delved deep enough into an understanding of how the universe works to make that assumption. We have only explored a small fraction of the place where we live. I would love there to be another race to live alongside although I know that the likelihood of them being anything remotely close to a Star Trek character very slim.

In real life the likelihood of aliens that appear like humans are almost 0%. We on Earth inhabit a planet that has life built around the ecosystem where we live. Us and the life forms around us have evolved to adapt specifically to the Earth climate and ecosystem. There is almost 0% probability in my mind that there would be another race that walks on two legs and looks human. Even bipedal animals on Earth are rare because we are the only ones besides a few like Kangaroos in Australia.

I would love to discover what aliens would really look like. I know it would most likely be a frightening reality but also a very interesting one. We may discover a race of giant insects who eat our race or maybe a docile group of omnivores who look like dinosaurs but swim in the water. It all depends on the climate, the life on the planet, and what those life forms eat. All life need to survive so much of how the life form would look like would revolve around its basic needs like eating and drinking. Survival would be based around having the necessary traits to survive and compete to earn a living amongst other life forms.

If the world was completely covered in water having two legs makes no sense because it is not optimal for swimming. In this case the life forms on Earth would be completely marine life forms with a great capacity for swimming and surviving on food all born in water. If the alien was born in a planet with large volumes of molten rock then the likelihood of human-like creatures is near impossible here as well. How can a human with two legs withstand the burning furnaces of molten hot rock and survive and earn a living without the knowledge to create a suit of armor to protect itself. All life at the start is innocent and unknowing so the idea that a human-like life form can exist on a planet such as these is impossible because it would surely die.

As humanity grows our intelligence grows with us. We are a unique specimen among this universe and can do what others cannot. We can understand how things work and put that knowledge to use and function together. Our communication and language allows us to work closely together in ways that other creatures cannot. This and using our thumbs we have been able to build and craft our ways out of tricky situations and build humanity to be the most powerful and successful race of beings on our planet. If we do meet other life forms on other planets we also have to be prepared that they may be more advanced than us.

What Happens If We Meet Aliens And They Are Stronger Than Us?

Humanity likes to imagine themselves the most powerful being in existence but we are not even close to the power of a supernova. If we ever meet aliens we would have to assume they are more powerful than us. The universe is home to many different things and most of them can kill us. We cannot ever assume while exploring this vast space that surrounds us that we can simply win like we do on Earth. Space is uncharted territory and we do not have the knowledge to survive. Many will die in the journey to uncover the secrets and truths that lie beyond the current solar system. The Milky Way Galaxy is home to things we are familiar with but beyond lies loneliness, isolation and discovery. There is much to learn but at the cost of death.

This universe is beautiful as it is deadly. There are vast cosmic ejections of massive proportions that can destroy this little world of ours in less than a millisecond. There are black holes that can suck up Earth into an unknown dimensions and leave us stranded with no way out, most likely death awaits on the other side. Here on Earth what we don’t know is irrelevant but out there it is extremely important.

The universe makes me understand something that others do not see. We are not invincible. We only feel powerful here on Earth where our power is all that matters. But when we lose it we become the weaker ones and when that happens the strength of character of humanity will truly be tested. Factions will split and people’s true intentions known. People always show their true colors when they are about to die…

Happy 4th of July and remember to cherish what you have because we are lucky to be alive. Here in this universe we have survived 10,000 years as humans. I find it incredibly amazing that we are as resilient as this. Humanity has struggled through some serious situations and we are weak flesh and blood. We are in a place that can be as vast as infinity or not. How can we know? We are nowhere near the truth. But we have survived nonetheless. Anger and resentment in a place such as this is a fools errand. Life is short and fragile and we can die at any moment. Why waste what is almost never there…?

Daniel Serrano

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