A Great Company To Work For

I met Arthur while I was grabbing bagels at Delicious Bagel’s in Netcong, NJ. Turns out, he was grabbing lunch and worked next door at MediaNow. I was looking for more work at the time and wanted to land a new contract or two and turns out they always have plenty of work available and have been in business for over 30 years. Arthur is a very experienced professional and has knowledge of many different areas of IT and coding, although I didn’t know it at the time he gave me his business card.

So, I took it and contacted their office looking for work. The company likes privacy and I won’t go into too much detail but working for them is a blast! I love talking tech with these guys. They really know their stuff. I was at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey as an intern learning how to install a Digital Signage system into the military base. It was very cool and interesting watching how the process works. I loved helping out and it was cool to know I was useful.

The place is a nicely kept office and is a great place to work. For everyone else, it’s a great place to get billboards with screens put up on highways or to install video screens in public venues and events. They are experts in setting up TVs in a professional setting. For example, when you go to a baseball game and see those big TVs which show players up close even though you are far away. That’s digital signage. I get to be a part of that! Digital signage is everywhere and is more like a TV screen than a device. This is perfect for a web developer like myself because I work with code and designing the code to run on is fully built from scratch a lot of the time. So, I would be perfect to fill this role.

I urge companies looking for experienced contractors to call up these guys because they definitely know what they’re doing and have more experience than most. The company was founded in the 80s, they were around during Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Trustworthy business for sure.

Daniel Serrano

I'm a hard working, fun loving and cool guy who's heavily into my job and it's related fields. I love creating great sites and designs and pleasing customers and life is always changing. I find the best way to keep up to the speed of life and its changes is to always have many plans for the future, and if you get knocked down, no worries, hard work can lead to miracles... Never Give Up!