The King of Racers

F-Zero X was the best… I am not kidding. From the beginning to the end it was always exciting. The sheer adrenaline fueled heavy metal soundtrack, the epic speed, and the choices and options made it my favorite game of the entire racing genre to this day. Even Xbox and it’s famous Forza franchise has not created a game that is better than this one game from over 20 years ago. Nintendo hit the jackpot with this one. It is available on certain emulators and free software online. I suggest you try it out because you won’t regret it.

Epic From The Very Beginning

Once the Title screen loads you are greeted with a huge guitar solo that gets you thinking how awesome the rest of the game could possibly be. I remember simply listening to how insanely badass the beginning song was and just allowing it to replay for at least 3 times before pressing start to continue to the menu screen. I was greeted by awesome soundtracks for each menu and screen. Even the character select screen has a cool guitar song in it. All the locations provide excellent heavy metal riffs and beats but nothing too hard for the average person to enjoy. In fact my father loves this game and he said the soundtrack was great despite the fact that he hates heavy metal from the bottom of his heart but the soundtrack in this game was one of his favorites and he still remembers it. He hates video games but loves this one in particular that I played with him as a child.

High Octane Racing Through A Foreign Galaxy

My Favorite Racing Game Soundtrack EVER!

The marketing of the game is perfect! I really felt like I was racing in another galaxy far from home. The unbelievable quality of the game blew my mind a long time ago. In fact, the game is so good I can still play it today and have fun with it despite the visuals being seriously out of date. Compared with Forza it’s basically one big block, LOL! Captain Falcon is seriously one of the coolest characters in Super Smash Bros and he showed up first for me here. He was my favorite character although there is over 40 characters to choose from.

The first race is insanely captivating and starting up I remember going, WHOA! I felt on the edge of my seat as a child fighting for my life to win the race and hopefully not get pushed off the racing so high off the ground. It was so much fun in the first race and just continued to every other race. Big Blue has some of the best racing game music I have ever heard and I still consider the soundtrack to be the best video game soundtrack of all time. I can just listen to the soundtrack and it is good as stand alone songs.

I never cared about getting last place unless I was playing hardcore. With this game I could just start it and play it for fun which is unusual because I am always a very core gamer and love winning. Sometimes almost too much, LOL. You really know a good game when you can play it and not really care about winning. That’s when you know you’ve got something good because the game itself keeps you interested and for someone like me who always tries to win games. Or, for someone like me who loves the Dark Souls franchise which is always about survival and being perfect in your moves I am still surprised to this day by how much I still love this game. It is my favorite racing game of all time for sure!

Why Is Nintendo Not Reviving This???

If it were up to me, I’d revive this in a second… but Nintendo is Nintendo and they do not do that. For some reason they can be incredibly aggravating and just plain and simple decide not to revive my favorite franchises. Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, Hydro Thunder are just some of the games I wish had sequels on the Nintendo hardware. This is one of the major reasons I left Nintendo for Xbox back when the PS4 and Xbox One launched alongside the Wii U.

I used to be a Nintendo lover and stuck with Nintendo all the way into the Wii U but I gave up on them after the lack of third party support for it. I had a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and could play games on that when the Wii was around. But, the Wii U was supposed to compete alongside the PS4 and Xbox One and it couldn’t even compete with the Xbox 360 or PS3 in terms of graphical power. It was so bad at 3rd party support some games would lag on the Wii U and run BETTER on the PS3 and Xbox 360! Not lying. That is when I switched to Xbox permanently. They already had Forza for racing, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and I wanted to play Assassins Creed IV, which was new at the time, without any lag. Turns out it was the best decision I ever made because the Xbox One saved me from a 3rd party hell with the Wii U.

The Point

But, the point is that if Nintendo was more consistent with their games and consoles I would never have left them for the Xbox One. So, I wish they would revive the F-Zero franchise because that is what many gamers want. I am not the only one who wants it revived. Nintendo is great and successful but they would do a much better job if they listened to fans more often. I literally left and was going to leave permanently before the Switch was a success. I was tired with how Nintendo kept disappointing me. It is very frustrating when you know what you want from a company but the company either does not care or tries to understand the consumer better than that consumer understands themselves. I was so angry for the longest time after I bought the Wii U. I still am very angry that they have not revived the F-Zero franchise. I hope they do soon. Nintendo has a habit of not sticking to console designs. I hope I like the next one because if they radically change the next incarnation of Nintendo hardware to redesign everything from the ground up I will be seriously pissed off. It will make me not trust Nintendo again. I like the Switch design and want a more powerful and feature rich Switch that plays more and better games. I do not need a completely new console.

I say this because I also want a more powerful and better F-Zero and because Nintendo tends to be very annoying and scrap their best projects I am worried about how, similar to their previous flops they will just scrap their best ideas and replace them with bad ideas. That will anger me and I do not want another iteration of what they did to me back when the Wii U launched. I think ahead. I hope that Nintendo learns from their mistake with the Wii U and puts it to use for all their games, too. Why stop at consoles, it can apply to everything???

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