There have been so many games released over the years that have captured the hearts of minds of audiences for that last 30-plus years. Games like The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and Mario are iconic characters that represent some of the most beloved video game characters of all time. All of these game characters are so well known even Mom’s that have never played video games ever still recognize many of these characters from these three games.

I personally love most of the Nintendo games and am a huge Xbox fan. Recently Nintendo has been having great success with its new console the Nintendo Switch, a portable console that is easily outselling its competition. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were running head-to-head in previous years and, although the PlayStation 4 was #1 in sales over the lifetime, Nintendo’s Switch was increasing quickly in sales. Xbox One was having trouble keeping the lead despite the fact it was first which says a lot about its support alongside the PlayStation 4.

But, I would love to see a revival of F-zero X. I think that is one of the best things for Nintendo to bring back. There was nothing like the pulse-pounding adrenaline of F-zero that countered Mario Kart and its cuteness. There is nothing wrong with Mario Kart. It’ fast and entertaining, but F-zero X just has the superior excitement factor that Mario Kart attempts to replace with its cuteness. I feel Nintendo has too much cuteness in its games and needs a couple of pure badassery games the equivalent of Bayonetta 2 or Star Wars Rogue Squadron.

Which leads me to my next revival. Star Wars | The Days of Old… This is a term I am coining to define the lost era of Star Wars games. Although, in recent history, we’ve seen Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront 2, most people would not remember the original. That’s a sever shame because the original is by far better than the current release. If you were to play the original Battlefront you would never play it again and opt to play the old version because of how bad the new one is compared to the glorious original version.

There were so many great Star Wars games… Star Wars | Jedi Knight + Star Wars | Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. There was Star Wars Battlefront 1 + 2, Star Wars Rogue Squadron + Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2. The list is long and awesome! All of these games were great and one of a kind. The craftsmanship that went into them was almost a sacred ritual because the owners of the game studio was none other than LucasArts. That means the game was being designed by the owners of the movies themselves, LucasFilms, which meant the games were made at a much higher quality than currently being designed.

Some of my most cherished childhood memories were playing Star Wars games back on my Nintendo 64 and GameCube. I loved the feel of fighting in space and the thrills of fighting to survive as a bounty hunter. I loved being a lightsaber wielding Jedi Knight fighting evil in the dark forces of the empire. But, one game that will live to be one of the greatest games to ever grace any game generation is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The original, not the sequel.

Oh, was that game glorious… Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was so good that I want it remasterd and given the same treatment Final Fantasy 7 is being given from Square Enix. The story was so good that some parts haunt me to this day and some parts were tear worthy. Memories like that rarely happen in video games. It’s one game you have to play and experience yourself.

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