Ninja Gets Signed to Microsoft | Big Money for Ninja

If you’ve ever watched Twitch you’ve most likely heard of Ninja. He’s the most popular streamer on the platform. If you don’t know what Twitch is, it’s a live streaming platform meant to stream games to viewers over the internet. Twitch is currently the most popular streaming platform and streamers like Ninja get tons of views a day. He currently gets an average of 38,000 viewers during his live streams. He has a record of 446,623 viewers during a single live stream on Sunday, April 22, 2018, which gained him lots of subscribers.

Microsoft has currently signed Ninja to Mixer which completely pulls him from Twitch with a legally binding contract. That means Twitch is about to seriously lose some viewers. Ninja is the most popular streamer of all time by a large margin and Twitch is already having some issues of their own.

In recent history, Twitch has been attempting to recover from issues regarding fairness to its community and it has not done a very good job of making them feel at home. Complaints have been growing with users leaving the service seeking other options. Some now use Facebook, others use YouTube. Still others gravitate to Mixer. But, Mixer is a new service with no reputation and because of how new it is people continue to watch Twitch and YouTube streaming because of how big the viewing base is. It’s much easier to find someone to talk to when the community is much larger.

So, Microsoft has been thinking of growing its little starter, Mixer. Signing Ninja is a great way to bring a massive amount of viewers to the service and to kick start its support in a small amount of time. Ninja also has a great reason to jump on board because of his history with Microsoft and Halo. Halo was where Ninja started out, so it makes perfect sense that Ninja would go back to his roots and sign with Microsoft where he can get paid to do what he loves. I can understand that from a gamer’s perspective and it makes perfect sense for Ninja to do that. Honestly, I would do that.

Microsoft has much to gain from this partnership with Ninja, and I feel its a great move by the company to grow their company. But, I feel that if Microsoft can do this, so can other companies like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook so I don’t want to jump the gun and say just because Mixer gains Ninja as a streamer that Mixer is now the best and most popular platform. Or that it will stay that way forever because most likely other companies will just gain other popular streamers to counter Ninja and although Ninja maintains the most viewers his viewer count is dropping. Plus, he’s losing more subscribers than previously.

So, although Microsoft is gaining Ninja as a viewing icon for its service, Ninja has to be careful because some of his Twitch followers won’t switch over to Mixer. That means he will lose many subscribers in the transition to Microsoft’s service. Twitch will definitely lose more, Microsoft gains more, and Ninja gains less. I expect them to pay him so the transition is less likely to impact him when he loses subscribers.

All-in-all I see this becoming a regular occurrence for the gaming and live-streaming industry in the near future. It seems to me that companies are getting into the professional gaming scene more over time. So, I see that we are only seeing the beginning of how we can use video games to both make money online and have fun online.

Daniel Serrano

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