Nintendo Will Win The Console Wars But Would Do Better With Great Gaming Network

Nintendo’s Gaming Network Is A Joke

Nintendo has quality hardware inside the Switch console and quality software to back it up. But, what it does not have is quality online play. It is such a huge problem with the Switch that Nintendo has to address millions of customers complaints all day. It is so widespread that there is YouTube videos whining and mocking Nintendo for their horrible online service. It’s a real thing. It really does suck… BAD!

For starters, there is no ability to chat with a headset built into the Switch. So, even though they can literally just update the console and include it as a feature in the future, they preferred to anger and frustrate the customer to use a complicated phone app instead. So, think about how cool it is to buy this very nicely built, sturdy and modern looking beast mobile console with a library of great games. You load up Super Smash Bros Ultimate and prepare to beat down your friends and mock their defeat. All Hail the Wargod! You connect your headset with a sinful smile, glee in your eyes and… It doesn’t work!

That’s how many people felt when they wanted to play on Switch. Then, after spending $299 on the console and $59.99 for the game, users were required to install a phone app onto their smartphones and use that to talk to friends while playing the Nintendo Switch. I can only imagine how confusing it must be to fiddle with two completely separate devices while trying to play Smash competitively. Honestly, when Nintendo announced this as a “feature” in the old Nintendo Direct for the Switch I thought they were joking. Hilariously, they were not. It is a “feature” of the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch App Isn’t Dying Anytime Soon

Then, Nintendo Network does not have its own social networking that many other platforms offer built in. Xbox offers its own proprietary social network for its own brand. PlayStation does the same. Steam does it on PC, phones do it (Google Play), Origin does it, but somehow Nintendo manages to always do everything different. No, they don’t want to create a good online service. Because, why should Nintendo have to compete with Xbox or PlayStation if the Nintendo is a completely different kind of console? Why should Nintendo strive to be better than the rest?

You can only share to your friends using standard social networks like Facebook and Twitter. There are no other options and it makes the Switch nearly useless for online since most people younger use Instagram and Snapchat. The Nintendo Switch is supposedly marketing itself to the younger generation in a lot of games but they don’t include Instagram and Snapchat as social networking options is a hilariously bad mistake.

You can’t even stream to Twitch or YouTube without buying a streaming box like you would a long time ago when Twitch and YouTube didn’t offer these services built in. Honestly, this service is so bad I would not even give it a 4/10. More like a 1, LOL! I’m not even going to review it here.

The problem with these ideas is that Nintendo is a great company that always strives to better itself so why they did not deliver on this despite the fact that users have been demanding stronger online services since the original Nintendo Wii debuted in 2006 is astonishing to me. This illustrates Nintendo’s unwillingness to listen to its customers. Even with the recent Banjo Kazooie addition into Super Smash Bros Ultimate, a fan requested feature, it took them around 20 years to change their mind.

Nintendo may be the best gaming company on the planet to some, but they are damned stubborn as hell!…

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