SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Rank higher in searches!

$200 / 14 days

Why SEO for your business?

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  1. $200 / 14 days
  2. Local SEO – Targets the local business area
  3. National SEO – Targets the more broad business area
  4. SEM – Search Engine Marketing advertises your business using online search engines and creates paid advertisements to sell your site and products
  5. The more clicks the more likely you will sell your product
  6. People do not like to waste time searching for your site so why have them wait? Get your search higher in the list!
  7. A business who has a site that ranks higher in searches increases their credibility among consumers and professionals alike
  8. Without SEO you are most likely going to be lost in the sea of other sites


Ninja Web Design specializes in Local and National SEO and SEM. I will get your site ranked higher in searches so you can reach more customers. Local SEO targets local businesses and National SEO targets a larger area. Search Engine Marketing is a method that advertises your site using the search engines Google and runs paid advertisements all day long!


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