The Xbox Scarlett Can Be In Danger At Launch

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Both Consoles Are Impressive But PS5 Scores Higher On Benchmarking

Xbox ScarlettPlayStation 5
Not yet revealedNext Generation Ryzen CPU
GDDR6 MemoryGDDR6 Memory
xCloud Game StreamingPlayStation Now Game Streaming
Solid State Drive Solid State Drive
Ray Tracing (improved lighting)Ray Tracing (improved lighting)
Full 4K 60 FPSFull 4K 60 FPS
8K Support (upscale only)8K Support (upscale only)

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett have some pretty impressive specs and can hold their own against PC at launch. The systems are both impressive in their own right but I see a potential issue for the Xbox Scarlett that other people may not have noticed. The new next gen Xbox definitely has the hardware to compete against the PlayStation 5. The Microsoft console is surely beefy enough to hold its own against Sony’s next gen beast. But, the problem does not lie with Xbox and its specs. The problem with the Xbox lies within its ability to counter PlayStation’s 1st party games lineup.

It looks like PlayStation is gathering more first party support. This can be a very difficult challenge for Microsoft because although the Xbox Scarlett will definitely have many exclusive games at launch PlayStation already won last generation because of their extremely successful 1st party games lineup. So, the fact that PlayStation is increasing its ability to outperform Xbox at launch is a potential concern for Microsoft. Think about how last generation forced the Xbox One into the distant 3rd place because of the Switch launch and the PlayStation 4’s 1st party lineup. I see a potential for Xbox to lose sales because of PlayStation having both more games and more power which puts Xbox Scarlett in the background of the Nintendo Switch (which is going to do better than both of these) and the PlayStation 5 at launch. If Xbox Scarlett does not have the power or the games to keep up with the PlayStation 5 at launch then it will be relegated to the same 3rd place position as the Xbox One was last generation. Why? Simply because Nintendo holds a dominant lead over both consoles currently so Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 are both not expected to defeat the Nintendo Switch in the console wars. This is simply a battle of two beastly consoles and I feel that Xbox Scarlett is lagging behind the PlayStation 5 in two of the most important categories. Those categories being “games” and “strength”.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are similar in specs but if PlayStation 5 gets more 1st party games the extra boost in power is now extremely important. It would be less important if Xbox Scarlett was either at even strength with the PS5 or had more 1st party games. But it seems to have neither…

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Luckily, I predict the PC aspect of Microsoft called Xbox for PC and their game streaming service xCloud will be the savior of the Xbox brand for the foreseeable future. The point being if the Xbox Scarlett does not have the games or the hardware to defeat the PlayStation 5 it simply is not going to happen and Xbox will have to rely on being a gaming service to compete against the Sony brand until the next year when they can upgrade the Scarlett to a much more powerful version capable of defeating the next PlayStation 5 in the console wars.

I guess we can only speculate until the final release date of the consoles but as of right now, that is my interpretation of what I see. I hope for the best. I am a loyal Xbox follower but I am honest, too.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are similar in specs but if PlayStation 5 gets more 1st party games the extra boost in power is now extremely important. It would be less important if Xbox Scarlett was either at even strength with the PS5 or had more 1st party games. But it seems to have neither and this puts the Xbox Scarlett in a situation. I hate to see Xbox become a service and lose the console wars but this is the second generation where Xbox does not have the hardware or the games to compete with either PlayStation or Nintendo and it looks like Xbox will be more of a PC market catering to people who either want to stream games as a service or utilize their PCs for video games because I don’t see the Xbox console market consistently putting out good hardware.

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If a company cannot keep up with the competitor it is only a matter of time before the competitor puts the other company out of business. Microsoft as a company is not going anywhere but I see an evolution of the Xbox brand happening right before out very eyes. I feel there is a reason Xbox is moving to enhance their online infrastructure and it is because they cannot continually release better consoles with more first party games than the PlayStation brand. It has already garnered a massive base of support similar to Nintendo with their lineup of beloved games like Mario and Pokemon. I don’t see Xbox competing with PlayStation in all but a few games like Gears 5 and Halo Infinite. Because of this I see the potential for PlayStation to overtake the Xbox in the next few generations and Xbox consoles will all but fade away and merge with PC technology to become an addition into the streaming service of video games. Why buy an Xbox at all when you can stream the games at 4K HD 60 FPS on any device? It seems Microsoft is quietly calling it quits for consoles right under our nose because although they are releasing a beast PC console it still will not be able to defeat either Nintendo or PlayStation in the console wars. This marks the 2nd time in a row that Microsoft will fall to 3rd place. Either Microsoft alters their strategy or Xbox will never be able to compete in the future while PlayStation and Nintendo continually steal more fans and make more 1st party exclusive games for their consoles alongside the Xbox brand pushing the Xbox console further into 3rd party PC territory.

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