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The Story of Jesus in a play form. Sight & Sound is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is home to many others including the story of Noah ( Noah’s Ark ) and Samson ( Warrior of God, Biblical Hercules ). These plays are highly reviewed and offer big budget plays in a great theater. The theater itself is beautiful and worthy of taking pictures all by itself. The outside of the theater is similar in appearance to the Taj Mahal in India and is an amazing work of art. The inside is beautiful as well and is lined with red carpets and gold painted walls. The plays are filled with top notch actors and expensive technology to attempt to outperform other plays in entertainment value.


I can’t believe how amazing this play was. The acting was excellent and the singing spectacular. Rarely do I get to see something as well executed as this one. From the very beginning the play started off with an amazing catchy song. The story of Jesus was told in exquisite detail from the beginning to the very end. Jesus’ trials, his kindness and his tribulations make perfect sense and explained accurately to the Bible. The only flaws were what was not included in the Bible like many of Jesus’ parables. But, otherwise it was a well done and well executed play.

First off, the way they introduced Jesus in the beginning was perfect. You have to see it but he really did know certain things and the way they had him just pop in out of nowhere and introduce himself to the crew of sailors definitely made Jesus look interesting. He definitely knew too much to not allow him aboard but also enough to be wary.

Why would this man know about us? Maybe we should keep him close and keep an eye on him, just in case.

Sight & Sound | Jesus

That must have been what was going through their mind when they first saw him. I can sincerely understand why Jesus looks crazy. There are so many things about him that have no answer. That was readily seen by the Romans not trusting him. From a certain perspective Jesus is insane. He is talking to himself in the dark of the night to his “Father”. He seems insane to the Romans who cannot believe that people actually trust this man. The Romans can’t see or hear anything of who Jesus is talking to and it makes perfect sense if the Romans saw Jesus muttering to himself in the dark of the night in the middle of a creepy locale that they would attempt to prove him insane to the people of Rome. They really did believe he was a false prophet.

But, Jesus was anything but a false prophet. Whether his miracles were those of knowledge and understanding or sincerely impossible Jesus was definitely something else. There were scenes like when he was walking on water that could be mistaken as Jesus on a raft. Because a scientist could say that the reason those sailors believed Jesus was walking on water was that he was saving them and they loved him so they automatically thought he was doing impossible things again. It makes sense that they would overreact if they were in a stressful situation and here come Jesus on a raft to save them. The fact is in the Bible it says he was walking on water, but in this scene it could be taken like he wasn’t and that is a flaw.

Although it is possible that in real life he is a strong man that was using a raft, too. What I am saying is, if Jesus is a strong man with supreme intelligence, this would be a very intelligent thing to do. It would also make Jesus worthy of being King anyway, even if he had no superpowers. The length and extent to which he strives to help people is worthy of the title, even if he has no superpowers at all. What I am trying to say is that whether he is human or not, this play definitely proves that Jesus is worthy of being God whether he was a supernatural being or not. He is worthy of being followed not because he’s super powerful but because of the kind of man he was. We need more of that in this world. There is not enough.

A great part of the play was the amazing scenes of action. I loved the rain scenes. They used actual water and I could feel the warm mist in the air. They even used live animals and had them run offstage into the crowd. The boats appeared like they were real and it was awesome how they made it look like an artistic drawing. The boats popped off the screen and it looked so cool! I loved how it looks like a pop-up picture book. The way they designed it was really something else. I have definitely never seen anything like the way they did this play.

I also didn’t like how loud it was. The speakers played really loudly and it was kind of obnoxious. I remember at first there was this gigantic boom when the sound started. I was knocked off my feet and I could swear that I was going to go deaf. The sound was so loud it was amazing that people actually listen to anything that loud and I play music blasting on my speakers at home.

I had hoped they would include parts of Jesus that were removed from the play. They had not included Jesus carrying the cross in the play. It is so important to the story of the Bible of Jesus carrying the cross and bearing humanity’s burdens by himself that I cannot believe that was not included in the play. That is one of the few big gripes I had. The end of the play lacks detail and it was like they rushed it to completion leaving out all of the important parts about his death and the events that led up to it. There is too much missing information at the end of the play to give it a perfect score.

There was a lot of singing and it was perfect! The best singer was Pontius Pilate and he sang so good I thought he should be given a medal! But, all of them could sing and everyone should get hired for more jobs in the future. They were great actors, too! I would love to see all of these great actors and performers in movies on Netflix and anime in the future. It was such a great show and I loved how they worked well as a team and none of them took all the credit for themselves.

Sometimes in plays people attempt to outperform others. But, this one was devoid of any such thing and everybody was true to the story. Pontius Pilate was as arrogant as the Bible portrays him and the disciples were all believable. None of the characters seemed to take a more important role than what was originally intended.

I loved how true to the story the parts that were included were and they did a great job getting the meaning of Jesus across to the children watching. It is definitely a great play for kids because there is no violence that would be horrible for a child to watch. It is a very good play to bring your kids to for sure.



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