Could’ve Been Better

Overview (With Spoilers)

Spiderman: Far From Home is an OK movie. The action was great, the characters were well acted and their is some great humor and depth to the plot line. It’s well laid out and flows in a logical and coherent manner so that it’s easy to understand what’s happening and where I am even while I lose a few minutes to chatting on the phone. But, is it good? Well, most people would say yes. I, however, disagree with the norm on this review and here’s why…

I think the best part of the movie was its youthful charm. I don’t care what anyone says about all the other parts of the movie the youthful vibe had me loving some parts of it. The way the characters were playful and having fun with their roles really sparked a theme of the movie that was integral to the story line. The characters definitely had their place and everything seemed like it was not planned but organic and free like real life. It seemed to pan out in a way that made you feel like part of the universe. This leads me to the next great part of the movie…

Depth. The movie was very well a part of the Marvel cinematic universe and everything in this movie made perfect sense with the rest of the films. That was another piece I know die-hard Marvel fans would need to give it an A+. Plus, I’m sure some of those die-hard Marvel fans would disagree with my review here. But, I have a good reason why I don’t like this movie and it’s…

Stupid. You heard me, it’s stupid. There are scenes in the movie where Peter could have used his brains to fix problems and instead decided to punch things in the face really hard. It screams of the Marvel’s Infinity War dilemma where Star Lord decides to hit Thanos Really Freaking Hard to get back at the death of his girlfriend and we all know where that ended up. Endgame. But, the reason why leads me to need to tell some spoilers…


Mysterio is the villain in this film and it seems like Spider-man is at odds with a man who wants to be the next Tony Stark. So, when it comes time for Spider-man to fight Mysterio he ends up in a fog of literal illusion. Meaning, Mysterio is using a trick to frighten him and keep Spider-man under control. The problem is Spider-man should be hero enough to not be frightened under intense stress and instead know that Mysterio was trying to frighten him. This would allow Spider-man to think and figure out that these parlor tricks were all that he had up his sleeve. So, when he could not be harmed by the illusion, he could focus and see through the lie. Why is Spider-man not as intelligent as Tony Stark here. Spider-man is supposedly destined to be the next Iron Man and what I saw left me very disappointed.

Basically, Spider-man, AKA Peter Parker, decides to fall directly into the trap of being frightened and runs directly into a train courtesy of the mind control of Mysterio who is scaring the hell out of him. I wonder what would have happened if he controlled his emotions similar to what Tony would have done and figured out that it was an illusion. Tony would have known that this illusion would only require him to use his armor suit to find Mysterio in the fog. Although, Spider-man does not have his armor suit, he could have used his Spider Senses if he wasn’t scared out of his mind. The fact was it made him look like a loser to me. The illusion is completely harmless and Spider-man can’t even be hurt by it. No matter how deadly or dangerous it looks, nothing created that is impossible was real. The entire movie was just regular creatures and nothing was real at all. So, if Spider-man knew that Mysterio was dealing illusions and tricks than he would know Mysterio is only a man, and he is Spider-man. So, the reason he is using illusions is because Mysterio is out of his league. Spider-man would have won if he knew what he was doing.

That brings me to the later parts of the movie where again, Spider-man is incredibly stupid. He has his Spider Sense in full force but instead of using it to tactical advantage he decides to simply run at thousands of combat drones. From a military perspective this is the equivalent of suicide. Why in the hell is Spider Man running directly at a bunch of military drones when all he has to do is hide from the drones and use his Spider Sense to kill Mysterio when he was not looking. Mysterio does not have Spider Senses, so why is Spider-man constantly always at a disadvantage to Mysterio? I don’t understand why Spider-man refuses to use his much more advanced intelligence. He is smart but decides to act stupid and makes the movie much less enjoyable.

I would have liked it better if Spider-man just stood there with all of the falling illusions. None of them could hurt him. It would have looked like he was getting hammered with cosmic bullets but they were not penetrating him. He was too tough. Then, Mysterio appears out of nowhere and Spider-man senses him with his Spider Sense and in one hit, it’s over.

Or, in reference to later parts in the movie, if Spider-man used his Spider Sense to create a scene of Spider-man that has never been done before. Stealth. Using his unique ability Spider-man goes full commando and decides to go behind enemy lines to counter all of the drones using his special ability. He takes down 40% of all the troops but leaves behind all the drones, they can be used and re-purposed by Shield and Nick Fury to combat future attempts from the likes of Mysterio and other super villains. Then, Spider-man downs all the drones without them firing a shot and it’s a one-on-one battle with Mysterio and Spider-man wins.

To me this makes a much better movie in either case which is why I give it a…


6 / 10

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