Stranger Things Season 3 is a great show! It’s not just a show about the 80s, it’s a wonderful character-driven plot line with many surprises and beautiful acting and craftsmanship from the beginning to the very end. It’s TV at its best!


The actors are top-notch. The story is well laid out so that its easy to follow from beginning to end, but complicated enough to keep you thinking about the characters in meaningful and engaging ways like… Why isn’t this person dating her right now? … or … is there more to that scene or maybe I’m overthinking it. Stranger Things tends is a well put together spectacle for the current generation of TV viewers. For those who haven’t seen it yet, watch it! Stranger Things is a show set in the 80s about a science experiment gone wrong. The actors are some of the best actors I have ever seen on Netflix and in TV in general. They are something to watch for sure as their skills can actually be compared to very popular shows like Game of Thrones. They are so good at acting it’s very difficult to tell they aren’t actual videos of people in a real life situation.

For example, there was a scene in the show where they used filters to portray an 80s TV news broadcast. The acting is so great that it’s difficult to tell they weren’t just picked up alongside the road and actually on live TV. Then the scenes where there are heartfelt moments are done so well it’s actually amazing! I love watching the actors play their parts in this show. It’s something to watch for sure!

The story I can’t say much about or I will spoil it for you! I don’t want to do that so I have to keep secrets. I’m sorry! But, to say the least, it’s the best part! The 80s are in full effect here. Everything is built to perfection so if you want an experience for the modern age of TV to enjoy with virtually anyone from your kids to your friends, the style of this TV show does not disappoint. The way the show is built caters to a wide variety of people from various different ethnic groups and backgrounds. The show is built from the ground up with the 80s in mind but it’s filled with kids so they won’t feel out of place watching it. Many shows steer clear from adding youths to shows that need high quality talent because of the ‘experience’ factor. But, this show has some great talent and I hope that changes. I am very tired of the best shows being filled with the older generation and wish there were more shows with the younger generation.

Plain and simple, there are so much to enjoy with the show that you should just experience it for yourself. I won’t spoil anything but to give this show a great review! It was well worth my Netflix subscription on its own and I love it so much I am going to say right now it’s a 10 / 10!


10 / 10

Daniel Serrano

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