People Are Always Moving

In today’s world people are always moving. So, it makes perfect sense that they would carry their technology with them. Their phones carry their entire livelihoods and all their information. So, it makes perfect sense that hackers would be on the prowl for these people every day.

The NSA and government keeps watch to presumably protect these civilians from harm. But, can you really trust the government with your data? This question is one that many deem an obvious response. No. Of course not. I agree. These people are simply other people who get paid to sift through our data. But, what are we to do in today’s age? Somebody has to protect us, it’s not going to be a robot. But, even if it were a robot or a machine similar to an AI, would that really mean we are any safer in this world of ours? I think not because it is simply a matter of whether a hacker gets lucky.

People move from one place to another, texting and chatting, playing and romanticizing about the future and their past. But, what never changes is the present. There is always danger lurking around every corner. Even on the internet, there are people who want to take what’s yours and re-purpose it for themselves. In real life, you can’t trust anybody, even your best friend. Trust is something that is earned and to earn it you have to prove that you deserve it. The internet is easily accessible by everyone which makes trust something that is a wide open resource shared by all humans on Earth. This makes the internet a dangerous place by default.

This is why it’s so shocking to see that people still use 4 letter passwords and no special characters. I find it amusing sometimes that people know how dangerous the world is but they feel so safe on the internet where it’s the most unsafe place there is today. All your information is stored on the internet so why are people so secure around it? They should feel more unsafe than safe in this place. The internet is home to hackers, pedophiles and rapists, serial murderers and the world’s worst criminals. All live in one place, the world wide web. This makes the internet sound horrible and evil but the truth is there is very much good, too!

The internet can be bad, true, but there are also very good sides to it. Never forget the donations and the giving that can occur. Or the friendships that can be forged that last forever all made online. The internet is where the world lives. It’s growing bigger and bigger everyday. Trust is granted for free here which makes it dangerous. But, life is dangerous. So, the internet is becoming so integral to the world that we don’t see how close it’s becoming to our lives. The internet and our lives are becoming so close that it almost is in a way. Someday, it will be so close we can see it through virtual reality. We can have it hooked up to our brains and interact with it like we were really there. Someday we might actually forget which is real from which is not…

Daniel Serrano

I'm a hard working, fun loving and cool guy who's heavily into my job and it's related fields. I love creating great sites and designs and pleasing customers and life is always changing. I find the best way to keep up to the speed of life and its changes is to always have many plans for the future, and if you get knocked down, no worries, hard work can lead to miracles... Never Give Up!