Bonnie the bird was eating a berry off the ground when out of nowhere a squirrel came and startled it away. The grass was littered with berries and the squirrel was a problemThis stupid squirrel is bothering me, she thought followed by a chirp. Hmmm… The bird is in deep contemplation trying to come up with a genius means of circumventing the impossibly difficult situation before her…She would run as fast as she could straight through and pick up a berry hopefully without the squirrel noticing her… Perfect! This plan cannot fail!The intelligence of birds in this small section of Netcong is well known and documented by professional scientists like Smokey, who worked up on the tallest branch, and Hickory who was the school’s favorite professor for his knowledge of all things bird related. His specialization was humans, however, a very confusing bunch of neanderthalsThis was a plan that was conceived by Smokey herself and was sure to succeed. She was so high up in the tallest branch there was no way to miss anything from up there, she thoughtIt was decided…She flew so fast into danger her heart was pumping so fast she thought it would burst. She loved it! Adrenaline consumed her and made her feel alive.I am almost there! She chirped in excitement! I almost got it!She closed the distance and 10 minutes felt like 20 minutes under her faster reflexes in duress. The berry was in the center of the grass by a very large house belonging to stupid neanderthals. So, she had to avoid humans and squirrels to get to her foodShe was nearing the objective when a nut fell from the highest branch into the grass right next to her. She moved quickly to avoid getting slapped in the face with it and then saw another problemA raccoon was standing directly in front of the bush by the neanderthals garbage disposal unit. Arghhh! She flew off the ground so quickly she almost broke a wingThere was no way for her to get anything from the bug house and she thought she failed her mission but then…She saw an even bigger berry lying on top of the neanderthal garbage disposal unit and her beak fell wide open and her tongue fell out!Yes! She doesn’t have to die!She flew onto some garbage and ate the berry covered in some type of sugar that smelled funny.That’s a good berry!Humans are so stupid to throw all their food away like that, someone who is hungry will eat it…

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Daniel Serrano

I'm a hard working, fun loving and cool guy who's heavily into my job and it's related fields. I love creating great sites and designs and pleasing customers and life is always changing. I find the best way to keep up to the speed of life and its changes is to always have many plans for the future, and if you get knocked down, no worries, hard work can lead to miracles... Never Give Up!