It Was a Quiet Sunday Afternoon

There was a loud, BANG! Chloe darted to the nearby window, pulling away her gaze from the CSI: Miami Reruns she was so enthralled by, ‘Wow! What’s that! So loud!’ She thought to herself. ‘I hope everyone is OK.’ She could see pillars of fire in the distance. The smoke had filled 3 streets in front of her. She was nervous for others and was about to turn around to continue watching her favorite show when… the dense black smoke started inching toward her. She stopped turning around and focused. All of a sudden, WHOOOSH! The smoke shot forward like a bullet and hit her in the face!

She couldn’t breathe. The smoke was too much for her to take and she passed out. When she woke up she was in another room was hogtied to a chair and gagged. She couldn’t speak and all she could see was a faint white light. She was terrified. ‘Where am I?’ She thought. She panicked and started screaming when she felt a sharp pain in the top of her head followed by a ringing in her ear. A loud thud echoed in the room and she was dazed for a few seconds. She almost lost consciousness but came to in a few seconds.

She was scared out of her mind. ‘Why are there these men talking in another language! WHAT DID I DO!’ She burst out crying and asked, “Can I call my boyfriend? I need to get him on the phone. I just want to say bye!” she said sobbing. Then a figure muddled the bright white light and it became grey. She heard his feet stop right in front of her face and his breath on her tongue.

“Don’t worry, You’ll be fine. We don’t have any plans to kill you. You are just the bait. The real prize is your boyfriend,” he replied.

“What do you mean my boyfriend!” Chloe became enraged, “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO TO HIM, YOU MONSTERS!” Another wack to the side of the face and near unconsciousness. She wanted to fight and tried but she was not a soldier and did not know what to do. She only did what she could do. Nothing.

Chloe was running out of time. They were surely going to kill her. She decided the best thing she could do is to try and escape. She saw a movie once where the hero grabbed a knife and escaped by cutting the rope. There was only one problem. There was no rope. ‘Dammit!’ She thought. ‘How the hell do I get outta here!’ She decided the only thing to do was to wait for an opening. Maybe if she played smart and attractive they would unlock the bindings and let her go. Then her plan was to make a run for it.

“So, you have me tied up, huh?” Chloe said sounding romantic. “What’re you going to do about it. I want to leave. I’m going to tell Daddy about you. I’m going to be a real bad girl!”

The soldier was no idiot. “Hahaha! Nice try. I’m not an idiot! HAHAHAHA!”

‘Dammit’ It didn’t work. ‘These guys are really trained professionals. It worked on the friends of my old BF, Jesus! Tough crowd!’

So, Chloe could only just sit there. And wait…

Hours passed. It seemed like an eternity. But, it turns out it was only a few hours. Then, BOOM! Chloe got so startled she though she would have a heart attack. It looks like there was someone knocking on the door. Or maybe the other way around because the ‘smelly ugly men’ as Chloe liked to think of them were fighting some people. ‘I hope you all die, a**holes!’

There was a lot of shouting, more than Chloe anticipated. Then, out of nowhere her boyfriend shows up and cuts her free. “I knew you’d come for me!”

“Yeah, obviously,” He said, “But you don’t get what’s happening. You are part of an investigation. You are wrapped up in this because I’m a cop. You’ve gotta get out of here. You’re in danger. I am undercover. These guys are actually my target! Haha!” He said worried about her reaction.

“YOU MEAN YOU GOT ME BOUND AND GAGGED ON PURPOSE!” Screamed Chloe, “YOU A**HOLE! You could have at least told me first!”

“Wait, I have to get you outta here. These guys are literally trying to kill you. Like… I’m serious. So… take it seriously. OK. Stop playing around. Run, dammit! GOOO!”

‘F***! Why does my boyfriend have to be such an IDIOT!’ Chloe ran outside and into the arms of her Police Officer friends. Mike, her boyfriend, was friends with them. She had them over a couple times for beers. They weren’t so bad.

“Hey, Steve!” She said smiling. “I’m outta the cage, haha! Mikey rescued me!”

Mikey’s friends looked at her for a second. It was so long it was almost too long “… Not exactly.”

“What do you mean,” She replied.

“Well. Mikey knew this operation was important to his career. He put you in this situation on purpose…”

“… And???” She was growing angry.

“He told us you did this before…”

Her forehead grew this insanely large vein when she became enraged. “ARGHHHH!” She screamed so loud the Cops almost fired accidental shots and the neighborhood wondered what happened and if they heard something for almost 5 seconds.


“She’s hot when she’s angry, lol!” A guy whispers.


The guy waves his hands. “My bad, Chloe. Jeez, I was only giving you a compliment.”

‘Moron!’ She thought. She focused her attention at the scene of the crime. In her mind she was going over the many ways she was going to kill him. But, Chloe thought it was best to settle on just one.

The Frat Party of 2018

She knew the time when Mikey used drugs and stole them from the FBI lockup for his little parties. But, it was illegal. Turns out he had those friends of his cover it up. But, not today… ‘Hahahahahahaa! You are SOOOOO DEADDD!’

“Why is she just laughing like that in the middle of nowhere?” Asked Bob, Mikey’s friend since they were kids.

“Dude, you have no idea. This one guy pissed her off so badly she hit him. Seriously, she punched him so hard he bit his lip. Damn, she might look hot, but she’s CRAZY!”

“Hey, MIKEY!”

“Yeah, Babe?” He says all happy to see her. Chloe smiled funny. Mikey noticed.

‘Oh crap.’ Thought Mikey. “Ughhh… What happened?!” ‘Oh CRAP!’

Out of nowhere a book hit him square in the face. He had gotten a paper cut. ‘DAMMIT’!

“OUCH! Hey I just cleaned my face walking out of here, WTF!? I’m bleeding!” Mikey looks at his face with his phone camera. “OK, it’s just a scratch. So, what were you saying, Babe?”

“Hey, Police Commissioner!”

‘Oh Crap!’

“Remember the Frat Party last year???”

Mikey was fired and Chloe had tons of fun with Mikey’s friends for years afterwards. Mikey wasn’t invited…

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