Box Office Sales Are Down

The Standard Movie Theaters Now Look And Sound Worse Than My 4K System and Speakers

The problem with going to the movies is very simple for me. It’s a complete and total waste of money. I think that movie theaters need to lower their prices because I can get a cheap 4K TV from Vizio or Samsung and it is much better than the screen projectors at most theaters in the area besides AMC. I also save a lot of money because those tickets are at least $20 when you go with your girlfriend or bring your kids you.

It’s not like the movie theater does not have its advantages. Seeing movies early is always a great idea. I love going to get first crack at movies like Endgame and then posting about it later. It’s just so expensive that unless there is a serious reason to go waste $20 every time to see something new, why bother? Some people have it tougher financially than others so why would they go waste $20 or more to see a movie that will eventually come out on Netflix in a few months. There they can see it most likely better picture and sound quality and it will be 100% free. The attraction of the movies is not there for me anymore. I can definitely see other people following the same route because statistically, people are heading out to see movies in theaters in lesser numbers.

There is a solution… Innovate

Just like the tech industry there needs to be more of a regular change in the landscape of the movie theater. Not only will they need virtual reality as the norm from now on but instead of having the movie displayed using a projector, why not cut it out entirely? Maybe display all the solely on the virtual reality headsets. They can use designers and developers like myself to design applications that would allow chat between friends and guests in the theaters.

This way, we can talk in the movie theater without taking out our phones and interrupting everyone else watching. I am sick and tired of going to the movies and having somebody’s head right in the middle of the screen. With virtual reality and chatbot technology embedded in the cinemas, this is no longer a problem. All of the previous issues are fixed and people will like going to the movies again. Then the $20 price tag is actually worth it. It does not pay to spend $20 to get a worse experience just to see a movie early when you can see it for free.

Whether or not theaters use this idea it is very clear that it needs to innovate or risk going out of business like all the other ideas that fade away over time…

Daniel Serrano

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