Sitting alone in her office drinking tea was not what she wanted to be doing right now. Cendy was reflecting on her career and was proud of how far she has come. Just three years ago she almost lost her family to a deranged boyfriend and now she’s a businesswoman with a net worth of $300 million. That’s a pretty big step most people don’t make so quickly.

She had to struggle and fight her way here though and it wasn’t easy. She had to walk on many people she liked, some of whom she was very close friends with. But of course the situation didn’t allow her to be compassionate. It was her job, she had to do what she had to do…

Her father walked in the door, “Cendy, there is someone on the line waiting to meet with you. He wants to talk about that deal on our diamond quarry. He says he has a deal to make you big money quickly. Although if you want my opinion, he sounds dangerous and I don’t trust him.”

“Really, why not?” Cendy asked. Her father didn’t trust anyone and it is not the first time he said that. The last 4 times it turned out to be a valuable wasted opportunity, so she was going to investigate just to be sure.

“He seems strange and keeps looking around like he’s scanning the place.”

“He’s probably just never been here. We have a really nice place don’t you think?” The building they work in is now home to a big professional business. They started small working with a bigger corporation to sell their diamonds unearthed on their property and in around 1 year they made enough money to get their own building and deck it out with fancy marble staircases and leather padded seats that customers claimed were so comfortable they could fall to sleep in it. “Let me check him out, see what he’s up to…”

“Alright, you would most likely know.” Replied her father. “But keep in mind you have a history you refuse to share with me and it makes me worry about your safety. What happened to you those 4 years you never came home. You were very different when you returned.”

“Not now, Dad,” Cendy said, tired all of a sudden. “I will tell you later, I promise.”

“You keep saying that but I never hear anything. Anyway, be careful. That’s all I’m saying…” Her father walked out.

Cendy hated bringing up those missing 4 years. It was when she was a soldier for the Australian Special Forces. She went on missions so dangerous that many would wonder how her skinny body was able to handle it but she was a deadly enemy to many. Most are not alive anymore. Her father would most likely freak out if he knew her past history so she decided to keep stalling and most likely never tell him.

Her mind wandered back to battle in the African Jungle, face painted, ready to slit the throat of any wandering soldier. Her mind went through war torn lands that many know nothing about and she almost started crying remembering all her dead friends. It’s not something she’s ever going back to. This was her life for good, out of the war forever.

“Hello,” said the ‘deal maker’ looking to make a new business deal. “I have the deal of a lifetime.”

“So I hear! What is it?” She asked, all ears. Businessmen and women are always ready to hear the latest new deals.

“I have struck a deal with a company to ship products at very low rates. You have a lot of heavy items that need shipment overseas, correct?”


“Well, our prices are 20% lower than any other business in the region. The quality is the same because we use new tech to transport the same goods. That tech costs 20% less to operate, hence the 20% less cost associated to you. Are you interested.”

“Maybe, but I would have to get back to you. I can’t decide that so quickly, even if I am CEO.”

“Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you… My card.”

‘Guggenheim Transport and Shipping’

Cendy likes the idea of a better shipping company. They currently spend too much on shipping at the moment and she was looking to switch but could not find anyone good enough. She likes him and his company looks legit so why not? She thought.

I’m hungry, thought Cendy. I want a sandwich, she thought.

“Hey, Cendy!” Called her friend Diego, “I want to talk to you.”

“Diego, long time no … “

Out of nowhere she was choked, gagged and blinded and thrown into a truck. She was in and out of consciousness but what she did notice was that she was dealing with professionals.

Dammit, she thought. I need to contact someone.

There was no way she was going to be able to get away from 5 heavily armed soldiers in a truck who had her tied and gagged. She would have to find another way out, fighting is not an option. She would have to be smart to stay alive…

She motioned for the soldiers to remove the sock stuffed down her throat, she wanted to make a deal. She still couldn’t see anything, though.

“Guys. I work for a major corporation. I have many resources that can be very helpful to people like you. You don’t want to give me up. I don’t know who you work for but my company is one of the fastest growing companies in the region, making millions in diamonds and jewelry. If you want in on the deal I can make you rich.”

“No, thanks. We’re not in it for the money.” Replied one of the thugs.

“What are you in it for?”

“You killed our brother, for that you’re going to pay.”

Oh shit, her old boyfriend…

“Dammit! It’s not what it seems, he tried to kill us, he was a defector.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it?” He barked aggressively.

“I can’t! I’m stuck in a truck, blinded and have no access to anything to do that.”

“You killed my brother! Who am I supposed to trust?”

Cendy re-evaluated the situation and determined her previous assumption that these guys were professionals to be incorrect. No professional would outright say that he was the brother of the person she killed. Now she knows they are related, that’s an incredibly stupid thing to do!

“I’m being honest. Plus, I know you’re not a professional. Your brother probably taught you all this.”

“How do you know that?”

“Easy, you told me your last name.” She grinned. The brother of Johnny looked stupid for a second and then gathered his footing.

“Yeah, well… You’re not a professional either.”

Cendy smiled, “I have a number that you might want to call. It’ll prove my innocence.”

“Give it to me…” he said

“(000)000-0001” She said.

“What kind of a crazy number is that?” He laughed while waiting for an answer. “No one is answering. What is this some kind of trick? Are you stalling? What is this?”

Cendy was surprised, “I don’t know why they’re not responding. Call again. They have to, it’s an emergency hotline.”

“For what?” He said. “I’ve never heard of that number. Either way, they’re not answering.”

“Dammit!” screamed Cendy out loud.

“I’m gonna kill you, you understand me? You’re gonna die, but first, it’s gonna feel really good! Hahaha!”

She couldn’t fight, it was impossible. They had the advantage. She just let it happen…

The horrifying road trip seemed to never end until the truck stopped. She was still blinded by the bag over her head and couldn’t see a thing. It smelled funny though, like a factory.

“We’re here,” Screamed the lead driver. “Haha, now time for some payback!”

Cendy wanted to kill them, but there was nothing she could do right now. So she sat waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Then she would strike or escape, somehow she was getting away.


Johnny’s definitely trained his family well and they knew exactly what they were doing but they should’ve trained them to keep their mouth shut. Now she knows who they are. Johnny missed a couple of things, she thought laughing to herself. Even if Johnny became a murderer and nearly killed everyone in her family, including her, she still had a soft spot for him. She still cried every time she remembered him.

She couldn’t help it, her life was filled with insanity for what she considered an eternity. Insanity is something she is so used to that even in the most horrible moments the line between Good and Evil blur when you are a part of so many evil things.

The thugs grabbed her and sat her down on the floor, they were preparing to execute her! She could tell because of their weapons being loaded.

“Wait!” She exclaimed, “I have something you might want.” She handed the thug closes to her a picture of Johnny she kept all these years.

The thug grabbed the picture from her so fast and so violently she almost didn’t notice him taking it.

Then she heard something familiar…

Mortars fired and the thugs ran for cover. Although they were stupid thugs they knew what they were doing and found a spot where the mortars couldn’t reach them. Cendy couldn’t see anything but she tried to feel her way out of the mortar zone using her hearing to place in her mind the location of where the mortars were firing and their intended destination.

She felt safe underneath a very cool spot and she stood still, hoping to stay unnoticed by the thugs.

“Cendy!” She heard a voice and she sighed in relief. It was her husband, Geoff!

“Hi, can you get this bag off my face! Thanks” She said, “It’s about time, I was literally just about to die. You almost lost me…” She was crying.

“Never!” Geoff led a squad into the field and ordered a mortar strike into the steel mill, 3 of the bodies were completely destroyed and Geoff personally fired a bullet into the heads of all 5 thugs to ensure that no miracles happened and they stayed dead, permanently.

Cendy was happy to be alive when Geoff showed her 5 pictures of all the thugs.

“Do you know any of them?”

“No, I don’t… Wait…” Cendy recognized the man her father warned her about in the morning among the dead soldiers.

“What happened to Diego?” She wondered if he was OK, and also hoped he had nothing to do with it.

“Diego is dead, the thugs killed him.”

Cendy’s heart dropped, “I know they’re related to Johnny, but not who they are personally.”

“Ok. What do we tell the media?”

“It was a bunch of terrorists,” Cendy smiled…

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