The breeze from the windows filled the room. The air smelt like the sunflower Cendy put out on the porch just yesterday. That smells great! she thought while doing her daily yoga. She breathed in heavily and relaxed her leg, then out again. Her mind was on something else, though… her family business.

I can’t believe we had just all our stock in that company, what was he thinking?

Cendy was in the money business and she had made a small fortune in the stock market. She was diversifying her assets when her boyfriend managed to sell all her stock. Johnny said he had plans but two weeks later she lost $1000 to a drop. She couldn’t be more angry. He hadn’t even contacted her!

I’m taking away control, how could he do that? Maybe we’re not ready to live together… ughhh!

Cendy used yoga to relieve stress and at the moment she was very stressed out. She was going to use the $1,000 to pay her college bills and now she can’t because Johnny overstepped his boundaries. The nerves of some people!

The wind whipping her hair calmed her down and by the end of her yoga she wasn’t angry anymore.

Ok, time to get to work. She did a lot of her work on her smartphone and had most of her universe on it. She invested in many markets and was meeting a client today. This one is a biggie and she was certain it would be a big payday… if she got him on board.

The client’s business is in the middle of the city and the tower sparkled in the Australian sunlight. Wow! she thought. This is a pretty nice place! Walking in the room was brilliantly designed. Her mouth dropped. Such elegance!

The walls sparkled with a marble finish and the carpet was kingly red with gold borders. There was a strong scent of her favorite, flowers that filled the room and the staff grabbed her bags and led her into the elevator with engravings on the walls.

This is going to be a big payday for sure… if he was interested. It would be a tough sell. This guy already has a lot of money.

“So, what are you offering me, Miss Cendy?” said the CEO of Roseland Inc, a leader in Diamonds and jewelry in the world for 25 years. “I hope it’s worth my while…”

“Yes, sir! It very much is. I’ve prepared this chart for you to see…”

“If you buy into our company you will get a large portion of land suitable for mining jewelry. We have recently found a large deposit of minerals that are very valuable and seem to be littered around the area. We are sitting on a huge source of income and our small business needs a big business partner to hit it big time. We think you would be a great fit.” Cendy bit her lip. That was good, she thought.

“And we have many of these, why would we need another one?”

“Our land is filled were more minerals per acre than have been recorded in recent history, we’ve been very popular as of late.”

“Oh, really? Why haven’t I heard of it?” He asked.

“We are a small company, you probably look at much bigger people.”

“Hmmm…” he thought carefully, hoping to not be fooled. “So, let me get this straight, you want to sell your jewelry with us. How much do you intend to sell it for?”

“A diamond from our area is worth $1200 per karat because of the location and because it’s high quality diamond. We cut ours very well, see here?” She took out a diamond she brought with her…

“Very well done… OK, I’m in. You’re about to become very rich, Cendy…”

“Thank you, Sir. It was great doing business with you…” Cendy was beaming as she walked out the door and danced her way back to her car…

In her car she called Johnny and he sounded worried.

“What’s up, Honey? What’s going on? You sound worried?”

“Ughhhh… I think I screwed up…”

Oh great, what happened this time…

“What happened? What did you do? Sometimes you’re like a kid, I swear!”

“No, seriously. Remember that land we were going to sell? I sold it to another guy a week ago… for $800 a carat.”

“Johnny! We’re going to lose money, I had all this set up, you have to quit right now. Tell him we are not doing business with him!”

“Ok, ok.”

Johnny was such an idiot sometimes.

“Ok, great. Talk to you later.” Ughhh, I’m starting to not like this relationship, she thought.

When Cendy got home Johnny wasn’t there and neither was her family. All gone. Cendy lived in a ranch with her parents in one house and her in another house across the block on 2 acres of land. But nobody was home and then she noticed the door was open…

Cendy’s adrenaline pulsed.

“They’ve been taken…” She pulled open the chest on the floor and took out a shotgun and a revolver her grandfather gave her after WW2. It was a very dangerous time again.

She took out her many fake passports Johnny didn’t even know about and stuffed them in her bag under a hidden compartment.

“It’s time to get back to business…” Cendy was actually happy she had something exciting to do that was more physical than just typing for once.

She walked around looking for clues. The table was knocked over and there was a spilled drink. On the ground was footprint in the paint that was knocked over which led outside the house.

She traced it to the garage which led to vehicle tracks that led outside the house. The tracks were of a Jeep. Jeeps were perfect for the Australian Outback where she lived but the model is different than the one she bought.

It wasn’t her Jeep, or her parent’s.

She knew exactly what to do.

Trace the tracks back to the source, if it diverged follow another trail. Sometimes trails are not obvious. Even a faint light in the distance could be a campfire and the enemy threat, the Outback is prone to many dangers at night and it was getting late.

She took her shotgun in hand and drove out into the wilderness using her phone charged to her Jeep to light the way ahead. The Jeep’s mirrors kept getting in the way and it was bothering her. She shifted a little and just enough so it allowed the light to flash on the ground so she could see.

Then she heard a loud BANG! and her tire hit a rock and she spun out of control and ended up wrecked.

“Damn! I shouldn’t have been rushing!” She thought. She was going to have to do the rest on foot. She pushed forward for a few more hours following the trail.

It looks like a small light by the tree far away. She walked toward it and sure enough there was 10 men with guns guarding her family while another, possibly the man in charge, was talking on the phone with someone.

Who could have taken them? I bet it’s Johnny. Maybe it had to do with the jewelry deal.

She stalked in the shadows and looked carefully wondering who to take out first and listened in… turns out Johnny was handcuffed to the tree and they were about to execute the family so she moved quickly.

She took out her revolver and shot the first two so quickly they would’ve thought she was a Cowgirl from a Western TV show. Then she pulled out her shotgun and blew two guys at once off their feet.

She was smiling when she was shot in the gut…


She yelled, dammit and she turned to fire at the leader but it wasn’t the guy on the phone, it was Johnny who shot her!

“Johnny? Why would you try to kill me?”

“You’re always getting in my way! I used to love you Cendy but you turned out to be just another whore! You’re gonna die like a B****! For all that you’ve done to me…”

“What are you talking about, I was trying to help save you!”

“It’s nothing personal, I’m only in it for the money…”

He smiled and she was nearly crying at the betrayal but that was quickly overtaken by hate and she took out her shotgun and took cover.

Cendy met Johnny in the military. The bullets penetrating the tree behind her reminded her of the good old days when they used to fight under the same Australian flag for Black Ops. They were soldiers for their country. She thought he was a hero, but he was only a killer… She never knew him… She was at peace…

Johnny was shooting to kill so Cendy ran around the tree to the large 10 foot tall rock by the stream to the right of the campfire to avoid the impending doom by gunshot of Johnny and his newly recovered AR-15 equipped with laser sight and night vision. She was definitely an easy shot in the dark…

But he would never expect her to climb the rock.

So, instead of peeking around, she went up and shot him three times with her revolver in the gut. Of course he was wearing body armor so it didn’t penetrate.

But she knew that

So then she took her shotgun off her back and blew his head off.

In less than 7 seconds Johnny was dead. Johnny hung in the air for a few more seconds and then fell, limp and lifeless to the ground.

It was only then that she saw her family was still tied up and gagged in the corner by the tree. So she rushed to their aid.

“Guys, I’m glad you’re safe. Let’s get out of here!”

Her family was in shock but that was unimportant. The important thing was that they were safe… and never spoke of this to anyone.

She has many enemies…

Luckily they never did. Cendy managed to make the deal of a lifetime and become a world famous jeweler and business owner. She was given the Nobel Peace Prize for her charity work with her money. Her family never said what happened that day.

Nobody ever knew she killed 200 people…

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