In the ancient times there are many who seek to steal from others for commodities are very scarce and people can only worry about themselves in such a dangerous time…

Prince Fayeed was looking out of his window of his castle in Eastern Persia and noticed the farmers readying for this years harvest. He couldn’t imagine doing such hard work and it bothered him. I’m glad I’m not a farmer! He thought. The prince was clothed in a bright gold robe with rubies and jewels embedded in the shoulders. He carried a signature Persian scimitar with a leather strap and quality woodcarving on the hilt. The hilt was taken from an extremely dense tree and should not break, or so they say. He held a dagger in his left hand he was peeling an apple with, it was extremely sharp and he accidentally cut his bride-to-be’s hand with it by accident and she needed to see a doctor to cauterize the wound or she could’ve lost her hand. Luckily it healed just fine and he still carries that purple hilted engraved dagger and it killed many men.

His father walked so silently into the room that Prince Fayeed didn’t notice as he was calmly looking out at the bright sunset watching the farmers prepare for their harvest. The trees were calmly swaying in the wind.

“Fayeed,” Grovelled his father, his father’s voice was so deep it startled him.

Fayeed turned around and quickly unsheathed his sword to face him, but then put it away. “What is it, Father? I thought you were someone else.”

“You sent that friend of yours on an expedition into enemy territory? What were you hoping to achieve?”

“I was hoping that he would come back victorious! He was trained by Lei Fei from China, an expert in martial arts and combat, there is no way he would fall so easy,” said Fayeed.

“Ahhh… I see. So, you disobeyed a direct order from your General and sent Jiral to his death is what your are saying to me?”

“What do you mean, death?”

“We found this.” His father, King Lucius was a noble man of fine birth and was a good King unlike many who are successful and King Lucius always defied the odds.

“It can’t be…” Fayeed took the amulet that Jiral’s mother gave him upon her death to the Sickness of the Ages and was trying hard not to cry. His friend Jiral was the closest friend he had. “He must be alive! It’s impossible, he was stronger in combat than me.”

“The likelihood of survival is slim. The entire regiment was wiped out to a surprise attack by Spartan soldiers from behind, they didn’t see it coming. I’m sorry son, but this is why the General said to keep soldiers back. The General found signs of an enemy force but they were good and kept their traces covered. Spartans are…”

“Yeah I know, the best. Dammit!” Prince Fayeed wanted to get revenge. King Lucius sensed it and as usual bothered Fayeed…

“Don’t try and get revenge, you would only fall like an idiot. The Spartans are much stronger than you.”

Fayeed didn’t want to admit it, but he was right, they were. Jiral was the strongest warrior of his age group and if he fell there was no way he could survive. But his father was stronger than many Spartans, maybe if he went it would turn out different.

“I am considering leaving to check out the scene of the battle and see if we can’t trace their tracks. If we can I’m considering sending a battalion of elite soldiers to take them out, we can’t have Spartans running free on our borders. There would be many raped and killed.”

“Great! When do we leave?” Fayeed was excited to get some revenge for his fallen brother.

“At dusk when the moon rises in the sky. It will only be us two, Fayeed.”

“What???!” He was surprised. If he wasn’t strong enough, how was he to survive an attack from many Spartans. We don’t even know how many of them there are… he thought.

“Don’t worry. At night its impossible to see, Spartans would be camping at their tents and there is too many to send out without anyone noticing. They will only have scouting parties of one or two, easy for us two to take out.”

“Ahhh, you are right. Ok!” He was grinning.

“Don’t get cocky, it’ll be both our dooms.”

Fayeed was overcome with anger at the thought of Jiral’s death. He spent all night thinking about avenging his friend in battle with honor that will be spoken of for centuries after his death. His wife was sitting with her butt out and he pushed off her butt like a cushion and said, “I am going to be God after this day. I will have fought Spartans in combat and survived…”

Marycinthe said, “Can we just go back to sleep? I’m exhausted. I have full faith you will come back alive. Your father is very strong and he knows what he’s doing.”

“Dammit, woman. Do you have to ruin the moment. I said… I was going to become God…”

It was a long evening ahead before becoming God and he might as well have fun before he fought many Spartans…

Fayeed crept out of bed silently and left his wife behind. He knew that even if she was confident that he would succeed, if he does it will be a great victory. But if he fell, it would be a great sacrifice.

“Father! I am ready.” He wore his signature battle armor with the symbol of the Persian Royal Guard. He was ready to do some serious combat. He carried his long sword famous for slaying 20 men in a single battle and he had behind him a short sword and shield in case he lost his famous and favorite battle toy, his long sword. He had names for each. He names his short sword Heaven’s Light, it had serrated edges, and his shield Defender of the Faith for its strong metal craftsmanship and beautiful engravings. His long sword was named Wolf’s Blood for how fast and easy it was to wield. Although it was a long sword technically, it was more of a great sword and it requires two hands to wield.

King Lucious’ weapons were similar to Fayeed’s and he taught him everything he knew. Although King Lucious wasn’t fond of naming his weapons since he finds war something to avoid. The King is always trying to show Fayeed why it’s important to avoid fighting when you can but he doesn’t understand. Fayeed thinks that because empires are built through conquering lands that it is the right way to lead and to protect interests but the strongest warrior in the Persian lands has a differing opinion. Conquering is all find and good but if you are not going to lead the areas you conquer there is no reason to conquer it. War for war’s sake is meaningless and after all is conquered if you set your life around conquering you will have no peace and when there is nothing left to conquer you will have nothing left to fight. There is also another thing he has learned, there is always a bigger beast.

It took only 2 hours to reach the remains of the battle. Bodies were strewn everywhere and they were rotting. Blood was caking the dirt and it smelled like the world was ending. The Prince and the King were well aware of this and held their noses up to avoid the smell suffocating them. The smell of death has caused many to faint and some to vomit.

They both looked for Jiral amongst the dead but could find nothing. What happened to him, they wondered. If he was dead, why is he not here? It would have been great to recover the body. Fayeed was wondering if he was alive, he’s faked his own death before and his hopes were rising that he got away from the Spartan elite soldiers but the King was thinking differently and was thinking maybe he was a traitor. Spartans leave no prisoners and rarely do any escape.

King Lucius’ eyes widened and he pulled his great sword Nirvana from his back, the only sword he has ever named.

“Fayeed, ready yourself!” He screamed.

Out of the bushed came 10 Spartans all in battle formation against 2 Persians. This was gonna be a very bad day for the Prince and the King…

Fayeed growled like a dog and readied his Wolf’s Blood great sword. They stared at each other for what seemed like ages and then it dawned on Fayeed that there was no way to break their Phalanx until the King took something from his pouch.

It was a bomb

King Lucius must have had it prepared beforehand and he launched it at the ground of the Spartans causing them to not only break Phalanx but fall back and three soldiers lost their legs.

Then Lucius grabbed a smoke bomb and the Spartans were blind and couldn’t see, from what he could hear Lucius took out three more before two Spartans were standing in front of Fayeed. Two against one, unfair…

Fayeed was having fun watching his father tear through Spartans like butter and there was only three left. But then a fourth emerged from behind the two in front of him…

“Jiral!” screamed Fayeed. King Lucius has already killed 4 Spartans and was currently in the process of fighting 2 at once when Jiral, the second greatest warrior in Persian history next to King Lucius walked toward him with a look that scared Fayeed.

“Traitor!” He screamed and he rushed to get to his father but was blocked by two Spartans in front of him. To save his father he would have to cut them down.

The Spartans were using their signature sword and shield combo, the bombs the King threw made them lose their spears and left them much more vulnerable to his great sword since the Phalanx was broken. Fayeed used his heavy sword to make the first Spartan drop his shield but shifted his weight mid-stance and used a lunge to strike the second one next to him in the neck. The Spartan was thoroughly surprised by his sudden change in direction and fell over bleeding out.

The Spartan who dropped his shield wasn’t so easy and countered his heavy sword with parries and picked up his friends weapon lying on the ground. He now was dual wielding Spartan swords and he was much quicker than him. Fayeed switched to his sword and shield to counter his speed and now the Spartan had no shield and was at a disadvantage. Every strike was countered by Fayeed but he was good but all he needed was one good hit to the gut and his serrated Heaven’s Light would carve up his insides when he pulled it out.

He struck true and the Spartan died a professional, he didn’t even blink but Fayeed was proud nonetheless. He moved to help his father.

“Fayeed! Stay back, he is too tough for you!” warned his father. “I’ll handle it.”

Lucius took down the two in front and like and then Jiral was next. He was waiting for the duel and it seems that Jiral wanted to be King and was attempting to take it from his father. Fayeed wanted to help but if he intervened it would be in question whether Lucius really was worthy to claim victory over the traitor if he had another’s help. Fayeed knew the best course of action was to sit and wait as Lucius was fighting for his life.

The King and the Traitor fought and it was vicious. Strike after strike seemed to connect but never did, almost like a dance of blades many strikes that would have hit a lesser warrior and killed never connected and they whirled around the blades like they were floating. Then Fayeed grinned. One of the blades struck the Traitor Jiral in the side, it was over.

But then Jiral stabbed Lucius with a dagger in the heart and Jiral screamed, “Arghhhh!”

He ran at Jiral and he batted away his strikes and then Fayeed focused. Time slowed and he thought for a second, the bombs…

He grabbed the tool belt and threw a bomb at Jiral. The bomb exploded at his feet and his armor was much stronger than both the Prince and the King anticipated and was burned and damaged but did not break. Fayeed knew his sword would not penetrate this abnormally strong armor that the King could not break so he attacked Jiral’s weak spot with his great sword.

He heard a SNAP! and Jiral screamed in agony. Fayeed knew that Jiral was on his last legs and Fayeed pushed forward. Jiral tried to counter but Fayeed grinned and cut straight through his leg.

“Traitor!” screamed Fayeed as he screamed in pain. He took a bomb and Jiral’s eyes widened as he knew what was coming next.

Fayeed stuck the bomb in Jiral’s leg and ran to get his Father. While he was dragging his father the bomb blew up behind him and Jiral’s remains littered the area. Justice for Persia this day.

It took Fayeed 5 grueling hours to bring King Lucius back to the castle and when he did, Fayeed gave him a proper burial.

Fayeed was spoken of in stories as the Hero King for centuries after his death. And he conquered many lands eventually making peace with many territories and living a life his father would be proud of. He had 5 sons and 5 daughters, all of whom were married. Persia was at peace ever since…

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