I remember a long time ago, there was a man on a train. His violent tendencies left the neighborhood in shock. The Train Man they called him for his blood lust was unfathomable and insatiable. But it was a ghost story for children and never meant to be real.

It was told around campfires at night in the summer and during Halloween where there were vulnerable children to exploit. I remember when I was in Mrs. Williams music class in High School when I was young she used to tell these stories. Turns out this was one of them. She told everybody of a deadly train man who’s ravenous need to devour his enemies was insatiable at best.

The cannibal Train Man picked up women at night to bring them to his train and that’s where his devious schemes were undertaken. Mrs. Williams had a really annoying habit to scare the shoes off of every high school student in the building, so much so that she was given an award for best storyteller. She even caused a student to scream so loud I thought it woke up the dead. Jesus walks again because of her bull, ughhh…

I have to admit, I’m not easy to scare but those stories definitely scared me a little bit. Especially the story of the cannibal train man…

In the winter night of 1793 the howling winds froze the faces of the passers by and left them unable to breathe in the snowy night winds of London, England. The snow was so thick it was difficult to see ten feet ahead and the icy roads caused many to lose their balance and fear for the loss of their limbs. The doctors would have to amputate if their was a serious injury, many were taking extreme caution in the cold of night.

Anne was walking through the subway with Tommy, her boyfriend she’s been dating for 3 years. Her parents wanted a relationship that was serious and she was forced to do things the boring and slow way while her friends were more free and able to be who they were. Turns out that she actually fell in love with Tommy and was going to marry him anyway, but the night winds were causing them to have difficulty and they needed to get indoors for fear of frostbite.

“Anne! In here!” Yelled Tommy, The winds were howling so loud Anne almost didn’t hear him before she saw the door and Tommy’s face peeking out of the cold, scared her.

“Arghh! Ok, ok I’m coming. The bloody ice on the street is making it difficult to walk, I can’t rush!”

Once Anne was inside he shut the door but you could still here the winds loudly howling. There was no room in the hallway so they moved farther inside. It’s then that Anne realized this was a very dark place and they couldn’t see in here either.

“Tommy, where are we,” the winds were howling and she was scared.

“It’s safer in here than outside, Anne. We’re safe now.”

Anne didn’t think so and she kept glancing over her shoulder wondering if there was something waiting for her but she didn’t see anything and she kept close to Tommy who she knew wasn’t a fighter. He was a Bookkeeper, very unwieldy in a fight. If there was a killer in here, most likely it would not turn out to be Tommy that would save her.

“Tommy, grab that lamp, just in case,” Anne asked quietly. Tommy did as she asked.

Tommy has a very annoying way of putting her in tense situations and the last time Tommy had angered a bartender and caused a fight with 10 men, he ended up getting beaten like a moron in front of her. Anne wondered why she was still with him and she said it was because she loved him.

Now she’s seriously questioning it because once again, she’s in another dangerous situation without any ability for Tommy to get himself out of it. If anything happens it’ll be Anne, how funny is that?!

The dark hallway started to brighten up with dim candlelight and open up into a dimly lit room in front of a fireplace. There was a man sitting in the chair and Anne was going to say hello but held her breathe because there was no way of knowing who this man was. Tommy was the first to answer.

“Hey there, Old Man! Bloody good to see ya!” Tommy yelled, “We need some food, can you…”

“Tommy wait…” he wasn’t moving. Anne nudged him and the old man fell over and his neck snapped off his body. “ARRRGHHH!” They both screemd at the same time…

“Tommy!” Anne suddenly covered Tommy’s mouth and lowered her voice to a whisper, “What have you gotten me into?!”

Tommy didn’t answer and saw there was a double barrel shotgun on the corner and was loaded with some extra rounds and he picked it up. He knew how to fire it because his father was a hunter. If he had a shot, he wouldn’t miss. Anne picked up an army blade seemingly from the war, it ha a ridged edge used for cutting through simple armor, she knew how to use this because her father was a general in the Royal British Navy.

The two were armed, deadly and dangerous but they were scared out of their minds, tired, hungry and at a serious disadvantage of being unprepared to handle this. Wherever the killer was, it was impossible to tell in the dark, howling winter night of 1793 London.

They quietly walked out of the fireplace room and into the hallway which opened up and noticed an open door which led to an underground cellar filled with wine. There was a butcher knife with bloodstains on the ground which got their attention right away. Tommy saw it first and quietly pointed, said nothing and covered Anne’s mouth just as she was about to scream. He put his finger on his mouth and said, “Quiet,”

He readied his shotgun and Anne followed behind with her knife guarding Tommy’s blind side. Tommy slowly walked forward and used his hunting skills to clear the rooms, making certain there was nobody around. Tommy knew the killer would know he was here so he made some noise which alarmed Anne and she got exited…

“What are you doing, he’s going to hear you,” She said.

“That’s the point.” Tommy was drawing the killer out hoping that he would not expect him to run into a shotgun in the face. Anne understood and quietly succumbed to his will. There was only one problem, there was no killer… They cleared every room in the house and nobody was there. Another problem was that knife was a freshly used knife, blood was recent in the last 20 minutes, he knew because he could smell the blood and it was warm to the touch, meaning that it was a recent cut.

So, Tommy wasn’t ready to give up yet, they had nowhere to go since the storm was too dangerous to leave this place. They had no choice…

Fight or Die

Tommy’s survival instincts kicked in and he ran off looking for the killer leaving Anne behind. Anne was terrified and screamed and out of nowhere a door opened dragging Anne inside.

“Aha!” Tommy bumped the back of the killer’s head with his shotgun, “Got ya!” He fired once and his brains splattered all over the floor. Anne sat there crying and Tommy looked in the room. There was at least thirty dead and decomposing bodies of women and men all hidden behind a fake wall. There was a stew that was cooking something and the bodies were cut open.

“Disgusting!” said Tommy.

Anne was still speechless and wondering what happened before the British Police showed up to handle the situation. Anne was in shock and Tommy picked up the pieces, they got married that Summer…

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