Tidal – Claims To Stream In Studio Quality

Tidal – High Fidelity Music Streaming


$9.99 for Premium ( 320kbps AAC – Same as Spotify )

$19.99 for Lossless High Fidelity Music ( FLAC/ALAC 44.1kHz / 16 bit – 1411 kbps )


The Tidal service does stream in Studio Quality Audio ( Master ) Resolution and it does sound great. The quality is much better than Spotify and on “Master” resolution sounds as good as a CD They have music videos and the track radio. I like that Tidal has playlists similar to Spotify and their playlists of most popular songs or grouped songs that sound similar. Makes it easy to find something good in their entire catalog of songs.

Most songs stream in HiFi quality which is better than Spotify’s best sound quality which is equal to Tidal’s “High” setting ( Normal, High, HiFi, Master ). Tidal has extra features as well like exclusive content and HD music videos.

Tidal’s Exclusive Tracks are not found anywhere else and they offer deals with artists so you can get lucky subscribing to Tidal and get exclusive tracks that you can brag to your friends about. Music videos can sometimes show up exclusively on Tidal first and then appear on YouTube after.

Tidal offers a student plan and offers the HiFi option for $10 off so you can pay the Premium price for HiFi Lossless sound quality if you are a certified student.

There is also a military plan available and offers a discount to soldiers who serve.


The most obvious con is you need to pay $10 more for the Lossless ( CD ) quality. I currently pay for the Lossless option and it I am very happy with it, but some might want Lossless and not want to spend $19.99 on music streaming every month. Maybe they are not that into music and just want to listen to a few songs. If that’s the case then then maybe sticking with what you currently have is a better option than to learn and switch to a whole new music service.

By Side Comparison – Image Credit ( https://www.sidify.com )

There is too few radio stations and Tidal does not offer radio for each genre of music where Spotify does. Spotify also offers artist radio, Tidal does not.


Tidal has a lot to offer and is a much better music streaming service for the price. Spotify offers a lot in terms of radio and music selection but Tidal does almost everything Spotify does and includes more options like a Lossless Sound Quality option and exclusive tracks and tickets that never is available on Spotify. There is also how music videos premiere first on Tidal and that makes Tidal feel like a VIP music experience and makes Spotify look more like a standard app in comparison.

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