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Toy Story 4 Official Trailer


This movie was actually a great sequel. I remember movies that try to pull off a revive of a franchise and end up completely screwing it over. Ever remember the 24 reboot? Only lasted one season. Or the revival of many trilogies that ended up in disaster. Most of the time movies movie reboots do not work out and I know very well. I have watched a lot of them and they are usually much worse than the original. Sometimes they are so bad they are not even worth watching. Luckily, this is not to be said about Toy Story 4. Disney created another masterpiece.


Toy Story 4 was one of the best remakes I have ever seen. I also loved how great the visual effects are. Some parts of the movie looked like real life. I remember the rain during certain scenes looking so real that it was almost impossible to tell the difference between real life and a movie. I loved how the whole story started and just ran with it. It was so perfect how the story started and picked up where Toy Story 3 left off that you didn’t even need to think it just made perfect sense. The way it started was like you never left. Excellent! It was awesome from the very beginning.

The characters are mostly the same besides a few missing characters. Obviously, Andy grew up and decided to give Woody and his toys to someone else. They had some hilarious adult humor in the movie that kids wouldn’t understand either. I loved it and thought it made perfect sense after around 20+ years of Toy Story to finally introduce some more mature jokes make the movie seem like it aged well. Woody and Buzz are as close as ever and they always have that cool friendship thing going on.

Worst Movie Reboots

Woody basically finds a new “kid” and is trying to help her adjust to kindergarten. But when Woody’s new responsibility is having issues Woody tries to offer help. This leads him on a very long journey to try and rescue his new “kid” from harm. It is a very heartwarming story about love, friendship, the lengths people will go to help those people. Excellent story and when it’s finished you’ll want to see Toy Story 5. I was only halfway through it when I knew I was going to watch the 5th movie!

So far, I have seen a good number of movies this year but what I love about this movie is that it is not all about action. It is mainly about friendship. Most movies do not do what this movie does well. This movie is a great way to showcase a story and not have mindless action thrown in. Great storytelling does not just have cool effects and special graphics. This movie is genuinely well done and the characters have a great amount of depth. Plus, there is a lot of meaning to what the story represents. It has a nice moral for children and the movie is well acted, well directed, and has great CGI and backstory.

There are even times where I think it’s going in a certain direction and it pulls a fast one on me. I end up being not only surprised but also see that they knew I’d be surprised before I was surprised. The best part about the movie was how well they knew me as a fan. I loved how when I was watching Toy Story 4, I thought I knew what was happening and then I realize that they set up the whole thing in order to surprise me and then throw a subtle curve ball at me. I was like, Oh! I get it! Because the curve ball they threw also explained a secret to the story, like background history or lore in a video game. It was so cool to watch that happen in front of me. Amazing how good Disney and Pixar have become at storytelling.




It’s perfect! I actually can’t find anything wrong with it.

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