Visual Studio 2017 is a Great App!

Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio is an application that is perfect for programmers. Web Designers are basically web programmers and as we develop online applications and websites using code this tool is a perfect way to create and test that code. The tool allows for the user to host their website online to test their code to make sure it works properly without taking the company website offline. This makes it a very useful tool for everybody from Enterprise users to regular freelance web designers.

There are many programming languages available from Java to Python and beyond. All can be downloaded via the Visual Studio updater built-in. This allows me to try out various coding methods that I learn online or at school. If I want to try using PHP there is a software download for the necessary programming tools. That way if I wanted to build a website in PHP and test it online. I would be able to use the program to host the application in a test environment using the hosting feature I mentioned earlier.

That hosting feature is basically a tool similar to The local server is built in so if you click the Green arrow at the top menu options will be available to select the browser to open the website.

This allows the website to function as if it were live online. This is my favorite feature of Visual Studio 2017. I love being able to create a site using the powerful programmer tools and test the site as if it were live online. It even allows script debugging to find faults with the code you are using. This way if you have JavaScript coding issues the program will find it for you and give you the location of the issue in your code through a notification on the bottom window of Visual Studio 2017.

Visual Studio 2017 notifying me of an HTML error

It’s such a useful tool that it’s a lot of fun to use! I love creating works of art in this. I design sites that look beautiful in a fraction of the time I would spend in Notepad++ or other similar programming tools. Why? Because the app includes everything in one place. This helps me a lot because then I don’t need to switch between multiple apps in order to design the website. That makes web designing much quicker and easier. Yet, I always end up with a great end product every time. Most of the time it’s a better design than what would result from using Notepad++ because of how the app is very intuitive.


  • Compatible with many coding languages
  • Included virtual server ( like ) with debugger tools
  • Great text editor with debugger
  • Lots of useful tools included


  • The big scope of the application might be intimidating to some
  • It’s hard to learn
  • There are so many good tools but they are hidden behind the unnecessary ones.
  • Takes a long time to download
Visual Studio Using the Local Server ( This is a locally hosted site | Check the domain name! )


8 / 10


The app is very useful for building large sites and creating comprehensive applications. It is a very robust tool that is a great addition to any programmers knowledge suite. The learning curve is the biggest negative because of the size of the application and all of its features. But, with enough practice the Visual Studio brand will likely replace all your other options. As a web designer I know how annoying it is to have 10 windows open, this makes it one. I like how it works. It’s a great app but I have to lower points for how difficult it is to learn. It’s not just me saying that I hear this from others and people say they would rather just stick with their current text editor because they don’t want to learn this one. They say it’s too complicated. But, if you have the time to learn it I would say do it. And, if you are newer to the industry, consider trying this first. It will be a much better tool than using easier methods.

Daniel Serrano

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