With all the tech becoming more advanced on consoles why not just add features that PC offers? It’s not uncommon for PC to include features like custom resolutions. These are very useful for having graphics cards scale to resolutions that are normally not supported. Applications in video game consoles are a great improvement for the older generations like the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Take for example how a new video game might not run the same on the Xbox One X compared to the PS4 Pro. Why not offer a more in depth graphics card customization option to allow the user to adjust resolutions and complicated graphics settings. This way, the PS4 achieves graphics performance that every user would be proud of regardless of the Xbox One X’s stronger graphics hardware.

Because consoles are not getting any younger and technology continues to improve. So, the amount of time a console can stay current before it needs to upgrade its hardware. This makes people spend a lot of money and hard earned cash on new equipment. But, if the customer could adjust settings like overclock and manage the system it would make buying a console make more sense to the core gamer.

One problem, consoles are for people who generally do not understand video game hardware and how PCs work. Nor do they care to, so the problem with this is obviously that doing so would alienate a large base of console buyers from actually buying Xbox’s and PS4’s. But, I have a solution…

Why not include a high priced tier, similar to Xbox One X and PS4 Pro but one even higher that allows true core gamers to customize a console that works in a home setting similar to a game streaming box for the LAN. It would be a pretty impressive piece of tech that is a one-stop entertainment center for all things video gaming and entertainment. Like a Video Game TiVo, if you will.

So, this means we can play video games streamed from the central location that we build ourselves to every device in the house. I would love it to have this idea replace gaming PCs because it’s an idea that actually could work. Playing games on your TV is always more fun than your PC, the problem is PC is more customizable and pro-gamer centric. Consoles are for noobs and people that don’t want the difficult job of upgrading parts.

But, if we merge PC and consoles into a unique blend of the two for Professional PC gamers and video game enthusiasts who know their stuff we can price it much, much higher because they will pay top dollar for a console that is also a PC. How? Easy. This device is like a video game cloud. Think of it like the AWS of video games on your LAN. Or maybe xCloud or Google Stadia for your home. You can buy PC discs and install them. The device is a super-powered PC that does not connect directly to a TV, but instead streams all around the house via WiFi using services like Google Cast and screen sharing technology. It would imply the user has a very advanced network capable of it, but those who buy high-powered PC hardware usually do because they always go all-out on their technology to play games at the highest resolutions and fidelity.

The best part is that because it’s fully customizable, it works exactly like a PC. It’s a PC streaming box for you LAN. So, you can buy upgrades and parts. Basically, this streaming box would completely replace your PC and console, would stream all around your house and use discs. Plus would be 100% compatible with Steam and every single PC app available because it is literally a fully customizable PC without an HDMI cable to replace standard monitors in favor of WiFi streaming and screen sharing technology.

How cool is that idea…

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