Xbox One X is currently the most powerful console on the market. It has a large following from the core gaming community and PC players love it for giving it what they need from a console; the power to play games with graphical fidelity similar to PC. The previous console generation ( Xbox One & PS4 ) did not provide the necessary graphical leap from the Xbox 360 & PS4 to warrant PC gamers getting into it fully. Even PlayStation 4 was underpowered compared to current PC hardware. Basically, it was out of date. The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro currently fixed that by a large margin, however, the Xbox One X is the best for core gamers and provides them the speed needed to play the most demanding games. With Xbox One X, you can play anything, and it always works great. The next generation has the PS5 leading in the power department. But, although the PS5 is more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett, it has a big disadvantage that will cause the PS5 to sell less than the Xbox Scarlett…

Xbox has the best gaming network on the market. Everybody knows Xbox has a more robust online service and PlayStation is lagging far behind with their online service in comparison. But, that hasn’t stopped PlayStation from winning before so why would it now? Well, with Xbox and their xCloud Microsoft is allowing its current lineup of games to be taken anywhere. Yes, anywhere. On phones, tablets, PCs and it’s included for the standard Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Gamepass. That means that any Xbox One gamer who currently owns a laptop or a PC can stream from xCloud all their current library of games at 1080p 60fps without having to buy or setup anything new. That would basically mean PS4 still needs you to be inside the house to play it. xCloud can compete alongside Nintendo Switch with this idea because you can stream anywhere as long as you have a solid WiFi connection on your laptop. The Switch does not have good online at all, so it would need to strengthen it’s network to compete with Microsoft in sales for the long term. PlayStation is at a disadvantage in both areas. It does not have a good network to compete with Microsoft and it also does not currently have a mobile offering worthy enough to compete with Nintendo Switch. If this continues, there will be serious problems with PlayStation in sales and I can forsee it being worse than Xbox One vs PS4 if they don’t find an alternative method of generating game sales and revenue.

The PlayStation brand currently has more users than Xbox because of the last generation. But, with xCloud and Scarlett, Xbox One X and gamepass, Xbox is definitely going to cover ground very quickly. It is only a matter of time before that gap narrows and is much closer. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch is selling out of stores everywhere and by the holiday season, it will be flying off stores shelves so quickly people will wonder if Santa came to pickup some extras on his special nightly delivery. The PlayStation 4 Pro is just not as good as the Xbox One X is technically. It is sustaining itself with quality 1st party exclusives. This puts the PS5 in the same situation as the Wii U. That was a disaster.

Thinking of the Wii U. It was the weakest power in the console space, true. But, power does not matter as much as innovation. Currently, the Nintendo Switch is not even close to the last gen Xbox One and PS4 hardware in tech specs but still outsells current gen Xbox One X and PS4 Pro hardware by a lot. That means the PlayStation 5 will have to compete by being the most powerful home console in a market craving innovation. The Nintendo Swith is the hottest gaming device on the market and it’s also the weakest. The Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market and it is getting a new networking service that many people are excited about. It also already has the best gaming network on the planet and offers a great gaming service that allows gamers everywhere on every device to save money by buying a monthly plan at a low cost that allows gamers to access hundreds of games included in the subscription price. For $10 per month, hundreds of games and $10 per month Xbox Live Gold and by mid Fall there will be xCloud included at no additional cost which makes PS5 look stupid, honestly.

My tips to Sony; Do something unique and different. Why? Microsoft owns the network space. Nintendo owns the mobile space. I feel that Sony should stick to what it does best, VR. Maybe if Sony strengthens VR it can keep up with the speed of Microsoft and Nintendo outpacing them in different fronts. They are never going to catch up to Microsoft and are never going to beat Nintendo 1st party games or their mobile devices. Both those companies are the best at them. But, they do have a shot at improving their Virtual Reality because it’s something that no other company does. This puts them in the lead in this one area, so they should work on that and improve their Virtual Reality to a point where Microsoft and Nintendo can’t catch up. This would keep them permanently in the game despite the growing leads of the other two major gaming companies.

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